Investing In Multi Family Residential Without Competition Because No One Else Wants It with Christian Szpilfogel

Hello Wealth Hackers!!

I hope you are all healthy and wealthy, growing and taking care of all aspects of your lives. It’s great so many of you are looking to 10X your businesses and investments, but don’t forget to 10X your relationships and personal life.  Eat well, exercise regularly, because being rich doesn’t mean anything without friends and family to enjoy it with. That is what being a wealth hacker is all about. That and taking the most efficient path as possible towards your goals.  

Thank for you all for sending in messages about how much you’re enjoying the podcast!! My favourite place to read your positive comments is as a five star review on iTunes. As we approach being eight weeks out from the Nov 9th Wealth Hacker Conference we are experiencing what is called crunch time. All the comments about how much the podcast has helped listeners improve their lives is very heartening during this stressful period.

What has also come with receiving all this attention is requests for my help either via my time, mentorship, free passes to the Wealth Hacker Conference, etc….

More than ever I’m receiving requests. Just recently a gentlemen reached out, out of the blue, and asked for free passes as they don’t have the money. I get not having money, like many of you I graduated university with $30,000 of student debt. I would have never thought of spending more money I didn’t have for an event.  In hindsight, I wish I did. I could have just borrowed from my dad and I could have 10X-ed my progress, but that’s how hindsight goes.

I feel bad for the guy as I have a lot of empathy for people, but for anyone who’s read the book “Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, one does not immediately go in for “the sale.”  Instead one should provide assistance to the person whose attention you seek. With the internet and social media these days, one doesn’t have to do much.

Why not share my ads on Facebook or Instagram? Why not email one’s friends telling them they should go to my event? Why not even participate in one of the promotions I have in giving away a VIP ticket that includes a private and exclusive lunch, plus a separate meet and greet with Grant Cardone?  How about just liking one of my posts?

Nope, nothing. I even gave the gentleman a promo code to sell ten tickets and I’d give him one for free.  His reply was “thank you”, and that’s all I’ve heard or seen.

I recently read an article that interviewed a financial planner for wealthy families who specifically dealt with young people ages 15-25.  In her experience, if the parents paid for all their university, the kids would perform very poorly compared to kids who had to shoulder some of the financial responsibility.  Her suggestion was the child pay for year 1, parents cover the rest.

Same idea here, I don’t believe in giving things away for free. Those who pay, pay attention. The more skin one has in the game, the more serious they will be. Even for an event where we are attempting to change peoples’ lives.  

For anyone who hasn’t bought their ticket yet, come to learn strategies from the most successful wealth builders that will guarantee you to 10x your wealth, 10x your income, and 10x your life.  We have a jammed packed lineup of world class speakers who have already 10X-ed and want the same for you. Seats are extremely limited and this event will sell out.

As an added bonus, 10% of profits from the event go to support the Basket Brigade Charity, providing the most vulnerable local families warm clothing, daily essentials, and food. “Be the change you want to see in the world” ~Mahatma Gandhi

If you need more convincing, use my promo code thetruth to save 10% off. 

Nov 9th. Toronto Congress Center

The networking alone will be worth with folks like this week’s guest who bought a premium ticket and is coming all the way from Ottawa Ontario.

Investing In Multi Family Residential Without Competition Because No One Else Wants It with Christian Szpilfogel

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“Christian Szpilfogel started as a hobby investor in 2005 in the Ottawa area and, with Chaunei Chan, converted the hobby into a full time business in 2017. Originally they would acquire cash-flowing Multi Unit Residential (MUR) buildings and ride the market, but this has been refined into a more focused forced-appreciation strategy, including MUR renovations, expansions and new builds. Their early days taught them the basics of property management and as their portfolio grew they have become much more sophisticated in the management of their properties and the more intricate aspects of tenant management, especially when they pick up distressed assets with troubled tenancies. They have applied a number sophisticated methods in property acquisition, advanced financing and credit techniques, property management and tenant management. While they predominantly focus on MURs they also have about 25% of their holdings in commercial units. Christian enjoys giving back to the community and is an active participant in various landlord support and networking groups.”

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Do you have questions on wealth hacking? The shortest path to financial success or questions on investing in: houses, basement suites, coach houses, syndicated mortgages, private equities, public equities, sandwich leases, lease to own, student rentals, AirBnb, wholesaling, off market deals, house construction.  I’ll admit when I don’t know and will dial a friend for an answer.  

If you have a question, we don’t have any fancy means to receive questions, so if you enjoy the show and want to leave a five star review on iTunes, your question will definitely make its way to me and I’ll answer your question on a future episode of this podcast.

I’m also grateful for all your positive comments and fans of this show. It is my view that life would be a bit better for everyone if we all could make and save a bit more money at the end of the month and if you make a lot more then your family and community would benefit even more and nothing would make me happier.  Until next time, my name is Erwin and I am a wealth hacker bringing you the truth about real estate investing for Canadians.

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Till next time, just do it because I believe in you.
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