Financial Peace with Rav Toor

Are you ever really sure you know what you’re doing?

I regularly check in with our investment decisions and, more importantly, what my wife and I are doing as parents. No different than investing, a custom approach is best and kids with their personalities are no different.

Admittedly, I’ve taught my kids some controversial things. Today is international bully awareness day, so I thought I would share. My son enjoys hitting and wrestling, my older daughter not so much. So, I’ve told her to tell him to stop and, if he doesn’t, walk away. If he keeps pestering you, then hit him back, just not in the face.

I know many don’t believe in violence, but from everything I’ve read on bullying and from my experience, there are people out there who don’t understand words. So I view this as a learning experience under the safety of our home. My daughter learns to stand up to bullies and my son learns that unacceptable behaviour will result in being hit by the victim.

Even though their fighting drives me bonkers, to see how they are best friends makes it all worth it. Here they are, my daughter riding my son’s bike, because she got tired of riding her scooter. My son is copying me, how I was pushing my daughter when teaching her to ride without training wheels.

My family is my motivation to work hard to afford more financial freedom and financial peace. Financial peace is a term I first heard from this week’s guest, who is mega successful thanks to his TV show, The Everyday Investor. He has peace, as he does very little other work, other than starting his own church. He has peace, as he called his phone company to remove the texting function from his phone and he deleted all of his social media.

Financial Peace with Rav Toor

Rav was a Realtor and owned his own brokerage, plus several investment properties, but the lifestyle of hustle and the demanding schedule did not suit him. So he stopped being a broker and sold all his investment properties. Instead, Rav focuses on producing his show and teaching others how to invest passively in land developments. However, by far the majority of his time is spent with his wife and two teenagers. Financial Peace indeed, as Rav is rich, yet his favourite store is Old Navy and the only car they own is not fancy and over ten years old.

Here I am as a guest on Rav’s Show:

If you’re interested in learning more about investing in real estate, we have upcoming Street Smart tours of two of the elite 8 towns: Brantford and Barrie.

Saturday morning of April 27th, we have the former Economic Development Officer of Brantford leading our tour of potential investment properties. One property will be ideal for the recreational investor and another for more intermediate to advanced. The tour will be followed by a mastermind lunch with fellow local investors, including experts from the iWIN community.

To get your tickets:

Save the date: Saturday morning of May 18th, same idea for Barrie: a street smart tour led by award winning Realtor and investor of 10+ properties, John Beddome. He was a guest on this podcast just two weeks ago, and has been investing in Barrie since 2007.  John will be hosting a tour of properties, followed by a mastermind lunch with fellow local investors, including experts from the iWIN community.

Save the date for now and stay tuned for how to buy tickets which will be in the show notes at the, or get on the email list so you are emailed when new episodes are released and informed when we host events.

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Till next time, just do it because I believe in you.
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  1. Jon Evans
    Jon Evans says:

    Ewrin, LOVE the podcast. Long time listener, first time posting a comment.
    You ask all the right questions to get the most out of each guest. Really enjoy the balance on your podcast between investment, health/fitness and the good life.
    Near the end of the episode with Rav you guys touched on the topic on affordable housing for seniors. The baby boomers are aging and affordable housing for seniors is a major issue that will arise down the road. An early adopter of this trend can fair quite well in my opinion. Would love to hear a podcast touching on this topic in the form of people that are already deploying this strategy or even the breakdown on the demographics and possible strategies.


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