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I hope you had a great summer!  My wife and I just returned from a week in Vancouver and had an excellent time.  We can see why Vancouver is consistently the most livable city in Canada with the city nestled in between ocean and mountains and rainforests and underrated beaches. Outdoor adventures are aplenty but what isn’t aplenty is real estate to keep up with the demand. As any real estate investor, we couldn’t help but browse for what local properties were asking for and Vancouver does not disappoint as the least affordable city in Canada.  The AirBnb where we stayed, similar apartments were asking around $1,000 per square foot for a building downtown but was built in 1982, no air conditioning by the way and only electric baseboard heating.  Houses, they cost just a bit more than the areas we invest.  A house listed for $400,000 in Kitchener is priced low but safe to say it will sell for less than $500,000.  The same house in Burnaby, just east of downtown was asking $1,300,000.  Needless to say we will continue to use short term housing like hotels and AirBnb when visiting Vancouver vs. purchasing a vacation property 😃.  If we even want to move there, we will definitely need to invest more in order to afford it.

I’m working on a longer form write up of my trip to Vancouver should any of you be planning a trip there so you can learn from my lessons and have an even more enjoyable trip than I did because if you haven’t been, add it to your bucket list.  Vancouver is now my favourite city in Canada after having visited Halifax, St. John, Montreal, Mont Tremblant, Calgary (Banff and Jasper), and now Vancouver.  I recommend you start from the East and work your way West as it’s less expensive in the East and so you’re not underwhelmed.

The Most Successful Investor I Know is The Inaugural Halton REI’s Keynote Speaker

I am very happy to announce our Keynote Speaker for the inaugural Halton REI has confirmed, he is one of the longest time investors I know who started in 1991, so he’s personally invested during several housing cycles and he will have lessons on how to survive and thrive in all markets. He also happens to be one of the most successful real estate investors I know so you don’t want to miss out on Donato Cascioli’s presentation.  Don is a serial entrepreneur who may not have made it on Dragon’s Den, well he was on the show, did not receive an offer but if he was offering his real estate investment opportunities, the Dragons would have stepped on each other to give him money.

Kevin O’Leary Trying On Donato’s Cell Phone Carrier on Dragon’s Den

You don’t want to miss Donato’s story of humble beginnings to real estate success at the inaugural meeting September 23rd at our new location at Sheridan College Conference Centre. Same time, same great content and networking as the Mr Hamilton Inner Circle Meetings, it’s just a new name. You do have to RSVP by clicking here to pay in advance and receive the parking code for the closest available parking lot. For privacy reasons, we cannot share the code publicly.  Do come early for the networking and sponsored refreshments provided by Auger Properties.
Donato will be a future guest on the podcast but for privacy reasons, some of his live presentation will be omitted so you do not want to miss out on his uncensored presentation at’s inaugural meeting.
As always the meeting will include an economic update including this week’s announced interest rate increase, market updates on both real estate prices and rents.
Hope to see you all September 23rd!!
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