Quitting Property Management But Not Real Estate Investing w/ Adam Kitchener

Hello, my fellow wealth hackers! 

The real estate market is crazy where I invest.  I know many folks are chasing cash flow in Alberta and telling me to divest in Ontario, thinking we’ve peaked yet we had clients offer to buy a bungalow in Hamilton. 

Granted, the asking price was low at $800,000, and it drew 67 offers!

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There is a saying in the stock world that the trend is your friend till it ends.  Well, the trend continues in Ontario, low supply of listings because we’re not building enough, especially 2 and 3 bedroom homes and the demand is nuts.  

I appreciate my Alberta oil bullish friends looking out for me, suggesting I sell high here and buy low in Alberta. But, I’ll continue to be lazy, invest local, and ride this trend until I see a change. 

As professional investors, my team and I have our fingers on the pulse. I recently was chatting with my big baller real estate friends, all with 8-9 figure portfolios their predictions for 2022. 

Until we see a significant change in trend, we’ll continue to share and educate our community and clients on what’s working. Right now, our investments are working beautifully, and we’ll keep adding 5, 6, 7 figures to our net worth each year.

I do think 2022 will be a rocky one with interest rates expected to rise, and I went into more detail about it at our monthly real estate meetup last Saturday.  I shared my predictions and what we are doing to profit from fundamentals. Also, Cherry Chan, CPA, CA of realestatetaxtips.ca, shared how to reduce capital gains taxes. 

For our March meeting, my team will share about Belleville, Ontario, which is well east of Toronto; hence prices are lower with more opportunity to cash flow. All my clients will have access to the recordings and veryone on our email list gets invited. If you’re not on our list, that’s just silly, and you’re missing out.  Go to https://www.truthaboutrealestateinvesting.ca/ and join our email list along with over 10,000 Canadian real estate investors to be notified of new episodes and new events.

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Quitting Property Management But Not Real Estate Investing w/ Adam Kitchener

On to this week’s show, we have Adam Kitchener, a young man with a lot of real estate experience.  Months ago, I checked in on Adam after announcing he was winding down his property management company.  

As someone who’s been around and hired and fired 4 to 5 property management companies and as a customer, I’m familiar with the challenges in running a PM business. But don’t hear it from me; hear it from someone who’s done the job.

Adam is here to share some crazy stories managing property for one of the richest people in the city, in one of the nicest apartment buildings in town. 

The pragmatic reasons Adam started investing in real estate, managing through an active stabbing inside the building he was managing.  

Also, Adam answers the question, “Who’s harder to manage: The investor or the tenant?” The answer surprised me… Plus, Adam also shares what he is investing his own money into these days.

Please enjoy the show.


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    Really enjoyed this podcast! A very open, honest conversation with Adam – lots of introspection and reflection. Glad to hear he’s enjoying and focusing on real estate investing and property ownership!


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