Apartment Buildings, Alberta Investing, Oil Price Predictions with Pierre-Paul Turgeon

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating and Kung Hei Fat Choy to my fellow Chinese! I wish you all a prosperous year and good health!!

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Shout out to my friends who made their way to Florida, where they could live their lives on their terms. Although we may not agree on everything, I still love it here in Canada, despite its many imperfections. I feel bad for them and their loss of personal freedoms.

My empathy list is long – Front line health care workers, truckers facing a loss of employment, teachers, police, victims of racism, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t do something about ALL of them; hence my charity, Hamilton Basket Brigade, is focused on children living in poverty in Hamilton, ON. 

My point is I’ve chosen to do something about a cause that’s important to me. No different than my friends moving themselves and their families to where they may live their life on their terms. Like my friend Rob Break who was on this show a few weeks ago, moved to Costa Rica.

Don’t like something? Do something about it – preferably morally and ethically correct. If the cause isn’t worth the time and energy, invest your time and energy into something productive.

Cherry and I also enjoy guiding hard-working Canadians, showing them practical, repeatable methods to create wealth. Hence, we’ll continue to educate ourselves so we may share with all of you.

For example, with cash flow harder than ever to achieve, Cherry and I started Stock Hacker Academy consisting of beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.  

As part of the beginners’ course, our students receive the transactions our instructor does. In reviewing the performance in 2021, 30 out of 31 were profitable, annualized cash on cash return of 12% using an ultra-conservative strategy.  

This is exactly what I wanted for our beginner students!

Stock Hacking, to me, is the same as private lending is in real estate. Consistent cash flows, except I don’t private lend, there’s too much administration, due diligence, and too many stories of deals going sideways than I’d like. Plus, I’d like something more liquid and diversified from real estate. The funny thing is, even with my Stock Hacking, I’m investing in real estate companies like McDonald’s, EXP Realty and AirBNB. LOL.

As always, none of this is advice, I’m just sharing what I’m doing, and past does not predict the future. For advice, please seek professional advice from a financial advisor. One that makes people rich preferably. If you know one, please let me know!

If you don’t, maybe you’d like to check out my free demonstration on stock hacking, a more detailed version of the demo I gave my kid cousin, a music teacher who returned over 50% last year! 

If you’re interested in a free demonstration, go to www.stockhackeracademy.ca in the top right, click FREE DEMO. I’ll have special bonuses at the demo that we do not advertise publicly. 

See you there! 

Apartment Buildings, Alberta Investing, Oil Price Predictions with Pierre-Paul Turgeon

On to this week’s show.

As always, we do our best from time to time to bring you leading authorities in investing… Today, I wanted someone to talk about investing in Alberta who also invests in apartment buildings.  

My guest on the show is Pierre Paul Turgeon, and he has 160 doors valued at over $22 million. Pierre-Paul is a former CMHC underwriter, so he was the financial expert who reviewed the financials for apartment buildings and apartment building investors to decide if CMHC would insure the mortgage.

Pierre-Paul is very knowledgeable, and he doesn’t pull any punches today, so apologies in advance to anyone he offends. He shares:

  • Where his research went wrong before the most recent oil crash
  • The challenges of operating apartment buildings during those times
  • Where the oil, Alberta, apartment building market is going
  • The silver lining of a major fire in one of his apartment buildings where his daughter lived
  • How he’s renovating for the new wave of tenants moving into Alberta.

Pierre-Paul has many tips, so listen closely if this subject interests you. Please enjoy the show!

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