Flipping Houses in Detroit Starting at $57,000 For A House with Savio Almeida

Have you seen The Avengers Endgame?!?

We did just last night and holy cow!! I won’t share any spoilers, but I will share that I’m a superhero movie fan. I’m wearing my Iron Man shirt as we speak, I’ve watched every Marvel Universe movie at least twice, some three or more times. I’m so nerdy that I caught pretty much every inside joke intended for those who watched the past movies, including Hulk a Hulka Burning Fudge and Steve Rogers’ “on your left” reference from Winter Soldier.

Or when Captain America unveils his shocking new super hero powers.

I know it’s all fiction and preposterous stuff, but at the root of what superheros do, they all sacrifice and fight for good and the greater good. Which reminds me about investing…

I have had so many people tell me it’s too late for them to invest. Not because the opportunity has passed, but they feel there is not enough time to invest and capture all the benefits for themselves. I get that, but let’s not forget about all those who you can help by getting started today, like your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, or your favourite charity.

I’m actually seeing some investors buying houses and condos not for cashflow, but rather to rent out until their kids need the house down the road. For my wife and I, I think we’ll move out of our house eventually and leave it to the kids, while we live in a condo by the lake. Whereas many non-investors I know are banking on the equity in their homes for their retirement.

Just imagine a life where you live mortgage-free. I see it in friends my age, and they have so much more time and freedom for travelling.  I can’t wait to be there soon, and that’s what I want for my kids instead of these $4,000-7,000 per month mortgages buyers today have in order to own a house. Less if they plan on living in a condo, but I’d prefer to see my grandkids grow up in a house.

Speaking of buying houses, my team of investment specialists conduct tours of the elite 8 towns for investing in Ontario.  This past Saturday we were in Brantford, Ontario and identified a gem of a property that was well maintained and ticked most of the checklist boxes of the Wealth Hacker Investment Funnel. It was located in a elite 8 investment town, there are several options for excellent property management services, at first look the property would be an ideal candidate for a legal basement apartment, and it would cash flow quite nicely.  As I speak, an iWIN member is preparing an offer.

That is the objective or our Elite 8 town tours, to have licensed real estate professional specializing in investments show newer investors around a top town for investment. These are fun networking events as well to meet like minded people. We even hosted a certified appraiser for one of the big four banks, a foundation contractor, plus all sorts of other real estate entrepreneurs on our last tour. Everyone had such a great time and great conversations, the lunch we hosted immediately after the tour went over two hours.

We have two tours already planned for May in the Elite 8 investment towns Barrie and Hamilton. To be notified of our tours, simple go to www.truthaboutrealestateinvesting.ca add your name and email on the right side and you’ll be notified over email when the tours are available.

Note that spaces on tours are limited, we have sold out every tour we conducted in 2019, so as soon as your hear about one, don’t delay in registering to avoid disappointment or worse, missing out on a great deal.

Save the date: Nov 9th: iWIN’s Wealth Hacker Conference, all day event.  We just signed our keynote speaker and can’t wait to announce who it is in the coming weeks but for now, save the date.  iWIN members, your general admission is included in your membership fees!

Flipping Houses in Detroit Starting at $57,000 For A House with Savio Almeida

On to this week’s guest who lives and invests in Windsor, Ontario but his full time work is flipping houses in Detroit, Michigan. He started there in 2018 after a much more challenging, low yielding flip where he lived in Oakville, Ontario. After tasting success in Detroit, he moved the whole family to Windsor, made lots of connections going to any and all networking events, including iWIN. If you can believe it, Savio paid only $57,000 for a three bedroom house in a nice neighbourhood in Detroit and flipped it for a $43,000 profit. Listen to his story of how he did it!

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