The 15 Hour Work-Week with Susan White Livermore

Susan started investing in real estate in 2006, five years after watching her younger brother of 5 years achieve great success investing in Hamilton, Ontario. Following her brother’s example, she bought two rental students properties in Barrie, Ontario. She admits that the initial interest was all ego, stepping out on her own and accomplishing something most talk about but rarely do.  The problem for Susan was that… she got bored.  Next she starting throwing money at the stock market and mutual funds where she could see a daily finite number of what she had made (or lost). I think you all know what happened in 2007 and 2008…  Suddenly, the boredom of real estate properties had a new appeal…

Susan then transitioned into a full time real estate investing career, attended any and every event to learn about real estate investing. From many Rich Dad programs to REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) and hiring two coaches. She’s read every book associated with real estate investing she could get her hands on.

Soon after, over a 20 month span, she acquired 13 properties, was awarded “New Comer of the Year Award” from the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.  The Following year in 2012 she won REIN’s “Top Player Award”

Today, she is focused on being a mom to her three children by limiting her work week to only 15 hours. On the investments side, her focus is primarily buying, renovating legal secondary suites, and holding in Barrie, Ontario.

Without further ado, I’m very excited to present to you Susan White Livermore.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How Susan spends her 15 hours of work each week
  • How she balances her life in the remaining hours each week
  • Changing gears between investment strategies: Student rentals to the stock market back to real estate, rent-to-own and now legal basement apartments
  • Why she no longer does rent to own
  • What she learned from Rich Dad real estate training programs
  • One’s probability of success as a full time investor
  • The plan to leave her executive position in HR to be a full time investor
  • How Susan lost $30,000 on a property and the lessons so you don’t make the same mistake
  • Susan’s sources of joint venture capital
  • RSP second mortgages
  • How a mortgage company changed Susan’s grandmother’s life.
  • Tips on presenting joint venture opportunities

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