Fighting for Landlord and Tenant Rights, Property Management Updates with Kayla Andrade

Welcome to another episode of the Truth About Real Estate Investing…

Where us lifelong learners and seekers of truth like to hang out and share about what truly works when investing and not just in real estate. 

I’m interested in all forms of predictable, repeatable investing. For example, I know many investor agents in my market promote non-conforming multi-family properties, as in, their legal use is not permitted nor grandfathered in.

I know many of these investors who got left holding the bag as city inspectors and Fire inspectors knocked on their doors and asked them to evict some tenants, hurting cashflow or redevelop the property to make the property safe.

I personally don’t want the liability should a tenant get hurt in a fire and prefer to sleep well at night, so my properties were all renovated with permits where necessary.

As I record this, we are into the first week of back to school. 

My kids are back to school as risks are low for young kids; I’m satisfied with the safety protocols by our schools. In addition, Cherry and I are fully vaccinated, so we’re as safe as it gets from being hospitalized. 

For any concerned parents like myself, news out of Denmark is that they started school last month, their R value fell to 0.7, which means the rate at which people are being infected by covid is falling, which is great news. 

Stats-wise, the Danes are 80% vaccinated; we in Ontario are 77% for those eligible. 

Denmark is dropping all covid restrictions on September 10th and fingers crossed the situation continues to improve there as then we can predict the same here in Canada. 

This news gives me peace of mind that my kids are safe and we won’t see increased restrictions.


Ireland has a similar story, adults there are 90% fully vaccinated, and their restrictions end next month.

My prediction is our restrictions will end sometime this fall, and Cherry and I can go back to hosting as many people as we want in person at our iWIN Real Estate and Stock Hacker meetups. 

That way, we can support our community as best we can which I believe is in meeting and networking in person.

In the meantime, we’re currently allowed 25 people in person at our offices, so that’s what we’ll make do with for our monthly iWIN Real Estate meetings that will also be available, live-streamed via Zoom. 

For our October meeting, you’re stuck with me doing the keynote talk re: the cash flow quadrants by explaining the theory and then what Cherry and I have found to be the best practices of progressing from employees and self-employed to becoming business owners or investors.

If you’re on my email list, you’re already getting emails with all the dates and links to register. If you can, please choose the in-person option; we really do like networking with people in person.

If you’re not on our email list, that’s just silly. Join the tens of thousands of Canadians receiving our free newsletters at

From there, you can even get access to my presentation from the last Wealth Hacker Conference in front of 1,500+ for FREE. Again that’s

Before I forget, we just returned from a cottage we rented for a week, and I left my laptop at home. 

I had just my smartphone and still managed to Stock Hack my way to over $3,000 US in realized profits, more than enough to pay for the cottage rental costs. 😊

Past, of course, does not predict the future but if you’d like to learn more about this game-changing skill, check out my final demonstration I’ll be giving on September 23rd.

It is my final free demonstration before we deliver our Stock Hacker Academy course on Oct. 1st with best-selling authors Lee Lowell and Derek Foster. 

Hope to see you there!

Fighting for Landlord and Tenant Rights, Property Management Updates with Kayla Andrade

On to this week’s show!

This week we have the lovely Kayla Andrade; hopefully, by now, all you real estate investors know who Kayla is.

She’s been running a not-for-profit, grassroots organization called Ontario Landlord Watch to bring us landlords together to support one another, mobilize politically, inform the powers that be the challenges we small, private investors, face in creating more housing supply and better help good tenants.  

Kayla shares why her family emigrated from Newfoundland to Ontario, policy changes we landlords need to watch out for and how to escalate our problems at the Landlord Tenant Bureau.

Plus, we chat about the Landlord Credit Bureau, a service that helps tenants build their credit and hold them accountable to paying rent on time. 

If you’ve never heard of them, please check them out; these guys are a game changer!

We’ve signed up, and I wish I knew about this service years ago so we could hold those tenants who roughed up our properties accountable.

Please enjoy the show!!

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