🚨Emergency Series EP3🚨 Stock Market Update w Best Selling Author, Godfather of Stock Options Lee Lowell

Hello Wealth Hackers!!

As you may know, I was dabbling in stock options and had a lot of early success.

So I took a deeper dive, hired a coach who in turn is my stock hacking mentor as he loves to share and teach me outside of my coaching time. 

He was an ex-Wall Street options pit trader for seven years. He left the pit and moved to Hawaii to trade from his home in paradise.

Now he has been trading full time for 30 years.

He’s the best selling author of “Get Rich With Options,” known also as the “Godfather of Stock Options”, Lee Lowell. 

His book was required reading for the original Stock Hacker Academy before attending the course. He literally wrote the book on the subject that became foundational reference material for all past and future Stock Hackers.

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It only made logical sense we partner with Lee to bring all you Wealth Hackers the all new Stock Hacker Academy version 2.0!!

To register go to  www.stockhackeracademy.ca/specialoffer.

All the details are there and prices go up April 23rd so don’t delay.

The timing couldn’t be any better as Lee predicts the bottom of the stock market at only a few weeks away.

Needless to say, my Stock Hacking game has improved 10X. The skills I’ve learned let me use strategies that I’ve refined while dialing down my risk. 

Lee loves to teach and share his experience and he’s invested through THREE major economic meltdowns and recoveries before the Covid19 related correction we’re in now.

I honestly don’t know anyone I’d rather learn from right now.

In real estate, I’ve always said, a real estate expert has invested through a full cycle.  I’ve been through the credit crisis 12 years ago.

Lee has been through THREE economic cycles, hence his experience in managing risk through the current down turn and how to maximize returns during the eventual recovery has me beyond excited to maximize returns during this recession.

Yes, I love real estate. It’s the best investment in the world, however, the stock market dropped by close to a third and the real estate market in my target areas are on pause as physical showings and open houses have virtually stopped. 

Personally, I’m taking this social distancing time to learn a new skill that will make me money from home. We’re all stuck at home anyways, may as well learn how to maximize returns while we’re here. I can’t even mow the lawn at my investment property right now if I wanted to. 

As always, I love learning something new and sharing, especially with stock prices being so cheap right now and I’m beyond excited to announce the all new Stock Hacker Academy version 2.0 in partnership with Lee Lowell.

The course is entirely rebuilt from scratch in my vision. I’ve taken in all the feedback and lessons from the first course and 10X’d the new 12 month program in order to give our students the highest probability of success.

This isn’t for everyone.

Those who want to learn and are willing to commit to practicing will succeed. Lee and I are here to provide the education. 

Only those willing should enroll, but knowing many of you came a long way in your real estate journeys, Stock Hacking is a brilliant complement.

My wife Cherry and I are trading HELOC money from our investment properties.  All you need to do is take the course and own a smart phone.

As part of the 12 month program you get:

  • A two day live streamed course with Lee Lowell
  • All the recordings so you may re-watch whenever you want
  • Eight weeks of webinars where Lee will continue to teach new strategies and take your questions.
  • Lee’s Newsletter that he’s been writing for 15 years (I’m a paid subscriber and it’s truly excellent, the writing is in plain English, Lee is transparent with his trades). You can really tell he cares about his subscribers and has the skill and experience to limit our risks.
  • Monthly meetups at my offices for the year. I (Erwin) love to network and share, in person is best so we can all network with like minded Stock Hackers, look over the shoulder of a fellow stock hacker to get help, ask your questions live and in person.  Nothing beats in person meetings.
  • Private online support group. We have months of questions and answers and interviews with Derek and Lee posted there. Stay in touch with your community 24/7!!
  • Quick Start Guide my team designed for Stock Hacking purposes! We will take weeks off your learning curve using the mobile app!!

The timing really couldn’t get better, the market is down around 20% and we have other opportunities right now!

The real estate market is on pause till the virus goes away.

Private lending rates don’t interest me when I can stock hack high yield dividend paying companies. Some of my favourite stocks are cash flowing via dividends of 7-10% with equity upside. Why would I private lend? We’ll cover this too in the course. 

We’re all stuck at home anyways so may as well learn a side hustle that requires little time and effort.  

To register it’s www.stockhackeracademy.ca/specialoffer

You’re stuck at home anyways, may as well learn how to make money from home and the timing couldn’t be better with the bottom of the market only weeks away.  The last correction was 12 years ago, don’t wait another 12 years for the next opportunity.


By the way, speaking of the Godfather of Stock Options, I proudly present to you my mentor, best selling author of “Get Rich With Options,” Lee Lowell.

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