Financial Planning For The Recession with Kathleen van den Berg

My first home work out didn’t go well. 

My head was hurting, I was sucking wind, I had to take a seat on the curb while Cherry ran past me several times and completed the whole workout. 

I only completed 40% of the workout which is really less than 20% of the workout since all the benefits are at the end when it’s most challenging.

This was three weeks ago after My 41st birthday had just passed. I love my wife and kids very much, it was just surreal to spend it without the rest of my friends and family.

Normally I don’t drink at all but when this whole social distancing thing started, I’d have a drink each night, everyone else was doing it so why not indulge, it’s my birthday two-week period after all.  At least that’s the excuse I was telling myself.

Then the workout, a chilly sunny day at Cherry’s suggestion.  Really it was more like she wanted to workout, suited up and walked out the door.  She’s a leader by example.

We were doing planks, burpees, kettlebells, running etc… then I gave up and did not finish. 

I can still count on two hands how many workouts I have not completed. The thought of giving up crosses my mind every workout, but since starting Crossfit, I’ve not finished under ten times, each time my body gave up before my mind.

Looking back this was no different, but at the time, thoughts raced through my mind about what went wrong, asking questions: how was my diet, my sleep, how much I’d been drinking?

This was my bottom, while on my hands and knees trying to catch my breath, I vowed, no more drinking, this is over.

Fast forward to this week, I redid the workout that humbled me, I completed the whole thing at a reasonable pace and even beat Cherry at something for once. 

On the weekend while strolling with the kids we stopped in front of our local Play It Again Sports store, they wisely lined up all their home gym products in front of the window.  Cherry called and ordered us more equipment and the store owner of course was grateful to do some business. Support you local businesses!

One of my biggest takeaways from this period is how grateful I am for Cherry.  She’s my rock, my partner in all areas of my life, my accountability partner, we talk Stock Hacking, investing, marketing etc, and thanks to Covid19, she’s home more often to have dinner together as a family.

Here are some updates from our investing!

Our office is now painted, the same office we are calling the Wealth Hacker Hub and future meetup space for Stock Hacker Academy students.  Hopefully it will be ready to host our friends and clients as soon as restrictions are lifted.

We’ve only had two of our 30 tenants not be able to pay rent for April, they just happened to be in the same property, a house with a legal basement apartment so we deferred that mortgage.

While driving this weekend I noticed the we haven’t used much gas this month.  Not even half a tank in two weeks all the while our other car hasn’t moved in weeks while parked in the garage.

With all of our appointments moved online, I called my car insurance company to reduce my insurance to a parked car and they did it no problem.  Sweet! Saving money!

With all this extra time on our hands, Cherry and I have been Stock Hacking a lot more.

Quick update, Cherry continues to cream me. It’s either 4 – 0 or 5 – 0. We’re going to have to stop tracking this soon.  She made a couple thousand US yesterday so no contest, she’ll win this week again.

For those who remember Adriano the electrician, he’s not working either so he’s making a couple thousand each day stock hacking as well.

I spoke to him on the phone just now, he says trading is a life saver. I asked him to think if this was ten years ago and the virus hit and he didn’t have his stock hacking skills.  Yeah, life wouldn’t be so good and Adriano wouldn’t be his usual cheerful self.

We were actually able to convince our skeptical, mutual friend Chris Zavarise of Hamilton, Ontario. 

Chris is one of my general contractors and while renovating one of my properties, hired Adriano for the knob and tube replacement.  That’s how I met Adriano about four years ago.

Chris now is loving Stock Hacking too, we couldn’t convince him to buy real estate but Chris likes this and is up 21% since he took the December class last year.  He does it all from his cellphone.

That is how we roll, have something great to share and we share it to our friends and family. 

Which is why we are proud to offer you all Stock Hacker Academy 2.0.

With all the Grant Cardone stuff we’ve done recently I tell my friends it should really be 10.0 because we are now partnered with Lee Lowell who will be teaching his four required strategies to maximize your return on investment after we hit the bottom of the stock market.

If you don’t know how to time the market or what stocks to pick and how to trade? We’ve got you covered as part of this program.

Students will receive Lee’s newsletter that he’s been writing for the last 15 years in plain English, detailed instructions on his trades so anyone can Stock Hack like an ex floor trader of the New York Mercantile Exchange on Wall St. in the financial capital of the world.

Discounted pricing ends April 23rd and the program begins April 25th, live streamed to your home. We’re all stuck at home, may as well learn how to make money from home.

Financial Planning For The Recession with Kathleen van den Berg

On to this week’s guest: Kathleen van den Berg, MBA, CLU, CFP.

I think she’s great because she’s one of the rare Certified Financial Planners who recommends owning real estate and she owns a fair amount of real estate too.  I invited Kathleen to come on the show, asking her to share what advice she has for her clients during these historic times.

Kathleen’s bio:

I have the best job in the world … and I have a ton of fun doing it.
I specialize in working with individuals and families to improve their monthly cash flow and build significantly greater wealth compared to their current approach.

Unlike most other wealth strategists, I include real estate strategies as one of the 6 key components in clients’ wealth building plans.

I implement a 6 step wealth strategy system with clients and routinely am able to create over a million dollars of additional income in retirement. 

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To connect with Kathleen: 




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