Can You Get Rich Working for a Start Up? with Tony La

Last day of school!!!! I hope all you adults enjoyed all the amusement parks and travel before the kids are on summer break and making everything busy. 😛

For my own kids, today is their last day of school and thanks to my boss, I was able to drop them off this morning to have a quick hello with my kids’ teachers. For my daughter, it’s her last day at this school as she “graduates” to Junior Kindergarten in the Fall. My daughter doesn’t know it but I just got the best Father’s Day present. Her Teacher summarized her report card as being, “she’s perfect.”

I can’t take all the credit, Robin is her mother’s daughter. She’s going to be great at school. However she is a product of her environment as well. Robin has seen both mom and dad present at several events, including myself being the MC for my cousins wedding a few weeks back. She’s too young to notice, but mom and dad are introverts who were never comfortable public speaking.

Here’s Robin being the social butterfly at my client Simeon’s wedding.  Instead of eating dinner, she danced with her cousins and she played with the wedding party.  She’s even sitting in the groom’s chair at the head table in one of the pictures. She’s not afraid of the spotlight and that’s something she’s learned from mom and dad. She just doesn’t know we’re afraid when do all our public speaking. However, public speaking is required to give value, attract business, and achieve our goals both personally and for our charity, the Hamilton Basket Brigade.

It seems the kids are watching, so go forth, be awesome, and be the super star your kids think you are.

Other happenings this week: Cherry and I were guests of Doug and Anna at the sold out KWCREI club meeting in Cambridge and we shared the latest tax rule changes (Federal and expected from Doug Ford) and tips on getting offers accepted.

If your association or club needs speakers, kindly let us know: admin (at)

In the News:

Our charity and I were profiled in this month’s Real Estate Professional magazine. It’s always an honour to share our attempts to alleviate poverty in Hamilton and hopefully we inspire more to help in our communities. Big changes coming to our basket brigade format!! The full article can be found here on page 58, link:

Can You Get Rich Working for a Start Up? with Tony La

This week’s guest is Tony La, Chief Technical Officer of start up: Honk Mobile. Haven’t heard of them? That’s OK, because you will.  They take mobile payment for parking and they just signed Pearson International Airport in Toronto. With Honk Mobile you can pay for parking and re-feed the meter all from your phone so you don’t need to have change and you don’t need to run back to the meter to pay for more parking if the meter is running out.

The business and founder is so hot, they were featured on Dragon’s Den and four of the five Dragons made the owner offers:

As you can tell from my recent line of questioning for guests of our show, the question is: how can we make money? Preferably passively, reliably, predictably, securely, and insurably. I know I made that last one up, but you know where I’m going. What’s the best way to get rich? Hence we needed a guest on the show to talk to start ups that have the potential to be the next Uber or AirBnb.

So can we get rich working for a start up? Let’s ask my friend, client, and real estate investor, Tony La.

Show Notes:

Tony on Instagram

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Till next time, Just do it, I believe in you.
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