How to Claim Thousands of Dollars of in Home Energy Rebates with Nick Crosby

Once you have faced all your fears, what else is there left to fear?

This is the question I posed my Titan Investment Real Estate team when I challenged them to face their fears at CN Tower’s Edge Walk.  Participants walk around the circumference of the roof and lean out over the edge. Why? For fun!

Scary, right? It is to folks with acrophobia, such as myself, who don’t even like to step onto the glass floor of the CN Tower. However, the more often you face your fears and accept challenges, the easier it gets!

This venture is my 2nd go at the Edgewalk. Cherry and I first did Edgewalk in 2011 and from a fear of heights perspective, this is the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  Edgewalk is scarier because it’s a 30 minute walk where you are actively participating.  In tandem skydiving, you are pulled/pushed out of the plane. Ziplining/hangliding, leaving the ramp takes seconds.  Edgewalk, no one holds your hands, you legs feel like jello and you are gripping the a cable I call your lifeline! :p

The team did great! I’m very proud of them. No one bailed, they each accepted the challenges of leaning out both forwards and backwards. It’s just unfortunate that our safety was actually at risk as lightening struck a few km away from the CN Tower, so our walk was cut short after about 3/4 of the adventure so no pictures and video this time, but we get a rain check good for 12 months.

Investing in real estate is no different. It is common knowledge among veteran investors that the first investment property is always the toughest and every property from there gets easier.  But unlike the CN Tower Edgewalk, the coaches at Titan Investment Real Estate are there to hold your hand to make it less scary than Toronto’s tallest adventure.

How to Claim Thousands of Dollars of in Home Energy Rebates with Nick Crosby

“I wish I knew you before I did my renovations” is what everyone tells Nick “the Rebate Guy” Crosby upon meeting him.

It is exactly what I said too. For years, I have not been able to locate a home energy auditor since many of the last sets of rebate programs went away and the majority were only for your principle residence and NOT rental properties.

No more!! Friend of the show and our client, Kaush Nanubhai, recommend Nick to us after he hired Nick to inspect his property. Kaush is netting a cool thousand dollars in rebates for renovation work he was planning on doing anyway.

I personally could have netted several thousand for my AC and window replacements in the last two years. It’s too late now, but I’ll be having Nick inspect for sure before I have my ancient, mid-efficiency furnace replace!

Show Notes:

The gas program links, depending on where you live, are below… OR

Home Energy Conservation – Enbridge Smart Savings

CMHC — Energy-efficient Housing Made More Affordable with Mortgage Loan Insurance | CMHC

Genworth has a program too:

How to get in touch with Nick Crosby:

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Till next time, Just do it, I believe in you.
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