Immigrating and Investing in Canada with Christopher Tan

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Truth About Real Estate Investing for Canadians where it is my pleasure to deliver to you lessons and stories of inspiration to assist you in your journey to financial freedom. This week we have Rock Star investor Chris Tan who was born in the Philippines, moved to Canada in 2010 with little money, yet he bought his first investment property before his 2nd anniversary of immigrating to Canada. Chris and his wife, Alou, even bought their 2nd investment property before buying a home or a car for themselves.

No car? Then how did he get from his home in Mississauga, ON to Kitchener, ON? Chris and his wife would rent a car for each trip to view properties in Kitchener, ON.  After closing on the house, Chris and his wife would rent a car to clean the property and sleep over in the vacant house for tenant showings the next day. They did this each week for a few months as the house did not rent right away and they did it again when they bought their 2nd investment property.  At no time did they ever complain. No one even knew they didn’t own a car until Chris asked Mike, his Rock Star coach, advice about buying his first car.

I’m inspired by Chris and Alou’s story because they had every excuse in the world to not try to get ahead in life through investing in real estate. They just arrived in Canada, they didn’t own their home or a car, yet they got things done. No complaints, no excuses, just get it done.

I am honoured and humbled to share their story with you.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Searching for the right real estate training
  • A reminder how lucky we are to be Canadians
  • Lessons from multi-level marketing
  • Close to $1,000 in car rental fees as part of Chris’ investing
  • The Marshmallow Test: delayed satisfaction
  • Chris’ worst case scenario
  • Rent to own investing in Kitchener, Ontario
  • The importance of one-on-one Coaching with Coach Mike Desormeaux ( and how it made all the difference
  • Advice for those just starting out

If you’d like to reach out to Chris, here’s his email catanrto (at)

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The Blueprint of Apartment Building Investing with Pierre Paul Turgeon

When I first started planning to produce a podcast, I had targeted Pierre-Paul Turgeon because he is a tremendous educator and his experience and background is like no other apartment building investor that I know. I first saw Pierre speak at the real estate investment network many years ago while he still worked at CMHC, who insures mortgages on apartment buildings, and I am in awe of how he left his cushy government job and has grown his portfolio to 160 doors valued in excess of $22 million dollars. Pierre is a busy guy so we’re really lucky to have him on the show as he’s in the middle of acquiring more buildings thanks to the several millions of dollars of capital he has attracted.

Something of note since the interview – Pierre mentioned he has more than usual vacancies due to the down turn of oil prices and, since this interview, Fort McMurray has been decimated by forest fires. So, what does a super awesome guy like Pierre-Paul do?  He’s offering his apartments to displaced families for at least the next two months for FREE.  That’s worth thousands and thousands of dollars so next time you hear someone ragging on greedy landlords, remember there are great people out there like Pierre-Paul.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Pierre-Paul’s work experience at CMHC – Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation
  • Alberta’s downtown and planning for down turns
  • Being unhappy at work, planning to leave the J-O-B and transitioning into becoming a full time investor
  • The plan to leave the J-O-B
  • The various risks factors when investing: utilities, market, valuation, borrower, building risks
  • Lessons for novices
  • The importance of confidence
  • Going above and beyond to ensure minimal vacancy
  • Tips on how to source deals on apartment buildings
  • When Pierre-Paul feels oil prices will go back up

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If you would like Pierre-Paul’s free ebook, head to his website: and sign up!! For those who do sign up, you will also receive notification of when Pierre is offering his training course and if you are serious about being a professional on the level of Pierre, I recommend that you do.

His Email:

Check out the success of our mutual friend Kevin Gatchalian, Hamilton investor and now Edmonton apartment building owner thanks to Pierre Paul’s help:

From $140k in Credit Card Debt to 34 Properties

For this week’s episode we have Police Constable, Jules Mckenzie, successful real estate entrepreneur in the Barrie/Orillia area of Ontario. Jules has held an interest in 50 separate real estate properties and is the operations manager in over 12 joint venture partnerships

The truth about Jules’ rise to success as an investor is that back in 2001 he took some unsophisticated real estate investing courses not specific to Canada. Jules was taught to call his creditors to extend lines of credit and apply for more credit card capacity to be used to finance down payments and renovations on run down rental properties. Unfortunately, the strategy did not work out and Jules had accumulated over $140,000 in expensive credit card and line of credit debt.

How did he climb out of this hole to become an ultra-successful investor? Have a listen to this week’s episode titled, the Jules of Real Estate Investing. Without further ado, I introduce to you, Jules Mckenzie.


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Happy real estate investing everyone!

Transitioning into Full Time Real Estate

For this week’s episode of the Truth About Real Estate Podcast, we turn the tables as the Vice President of REIN (Real Estate Investment Network), Russell Westcott interviews me as part of REIN’s series on success stories in hopes of inspiring new investors, letting them know what’s on the other side of hard work and time in the market.

Here’s a link to the full post and interview

In this interview, you will learn:

  • What Erwin considers to be the biggest obstacle in his investing career
  • How he plans to support his kids in all of their future endeavors through real estate
  • How he uses his network of clients to provide the best and most knowledgeable service possible
  • And more!

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PS: If you are just starting out investing, start by spending more time with like minded people and take guided tour of Hamilton by joining us for the next Mr. Hamilton Inner Circle by clicking here!!!

Rags to Flipping Riches

Ruben Furtado brings a new perspective to real estate investing like no other. With over 20 years experience in successful real estate investing, he has leverage his unique strategies to set new highs in sale prices and has helped many of his clients meet and exceed their real estate goals.

Prior to becoming a Realtor, he bought and sold a large number of properties for himself and with clients. Check out Ruben’s Instagram account here: to see a few of his projects.

Starting out as the child of Portuguese immigrants, from the age of 12, Ruben was able to identify quality investment properties and was hooked on real estate both for lifestyle and wealth creation.  Check out the home Ruben built for his family, Toronto Life article here: and live, action video here:

44 Belvedere, Oakville, Ontario from on Vimeo.

When the house got too big for the family, Ruben masterfully sold the property when the other area experts thought he was asking a MILLION dollars too much. He successfully set new records for the South Oakville, Ontario market and walked away with a capital gain in the seven figures. Ruben now provides his services as a Realtor and consultant to investors who want to do the same.

Have a listen to our latest episode where Ruben shares his story of success, the time he almost walked away from it all, tips to avoid failure, and top tips when flipping or selling properties.

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Thanks for reading (and listening!) and happy real estate investing everyone!

Double Your Income with Quentin D’Souza

Quentin D’Souza ( is a multiple award winning Real Estate Investor, and a trusted authority on investing in the Durham Region of Ontario.  He is an Ontario Certified Teacher and holds two university degrees, including a Master’s in Education. His company, Appleridge Homes, uses the Buy, Fix, Refinance, and Rent strategy on long term rental properties from Pickering to Bowmanville, as well as joint venture partnerships to create win/win relationships. Quentin is the author of “The Property Management Toolbox: A How-To Guide for Ontario Real Estate Investors and Landlords” and “The Ultimate Wealth Strategy: Your Complete Guide to Buying, Fixing, Refinancing, and Renting Real Estate.  He is also the Chief Education Officer of the Durham Real Estate Investor Club and coaches up and coming real estate investors.

In this episode, we cover a ton:

  • How Quentin doubled his income
  • How he built his real estate investment portfolio
  • The conversation he had with his family about leaving his six figure salary job
  • Advice on flipping and renovating
  • Sources for finding hidden gem investment properties
  • Quentin’s thoughts on which investors will actually be successful in doubling their income
  • Creating multiple streams of income
  • Tips and tricks on increasing your net worth via your network
  • Details on his current investment property that will cash flow $700 per month

By the way, I’m strongly considering joining Quentin’s fall coaching session and hopefully the demand is there and we can all mastermind together. So, if you’re interested in continuing education that will help double your income, go here:

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Links and Show Notes

If you would like to connect with Quentin and/or buy him lunch (you’ll get the reference when you listen to the podcast :)) here’s his email:

the Durham Real Estate investors Club:

Quentin on Ontario’s Sunshine List for public servants earning over $100,000 salary:

Real Deal Renos, 10 episode youtube series on investing in Durham:

Books by Quentin:

Don R Campbell: the Inside Story of a Real Estate Genius

Hello Real Estate Investors!

When we first envisioned starting our podcast “The Truth About Real Estate Investing,” my goal was to have the best of the best guests and so far we’ve gotten two that were at the top of our list: Julie Broad who taught us the importance of building a brand in business and in real estate (click here to download Julie’s interview) and the one and only Don R Campbell!!!

We were super excited when Don accepted our invitation to the show and we are even more excited after the interview!! I (Erwin) tried to be a good host and stay present but I couldn’t help but take tons of notes as Don was handing out gold (figuratively)!!

Download as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as”

If you don’t know Don, he is the best-selling Canadian real estate author in history. But that is just the surface. He is also a veteran investor, a teacher, a Philanthropist & market analyst (and, if you’re friends with Don on Facebook, you know he’s an organic farmer).

Don has spoken to tens of thousands of people on stages all over North America, Australia, Ireland sharing his analysis, his strategies and his life philosophies . When the national media: CBC, BNN, CTV, Global News, Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Sun Media, etc… wants an unbiased comment on the real estate market, they go to Don in his role as Senior Analyst of the Real Estate Investment Network, a company that has provided detailed forecasts and analysis of housing markets across Canada for over 23 years.

My goal with the interview is to get deeper into his story, to drag out some tips and strategies you may not have heard before.  You’ll find this a fast paced discussion, so I suggest you get your note paper ready and share it with your friends who are interesting in investing in real estate.

You can stay in touch with Don Campbell via:

Twitter: @DonRCampbell



… and we both hope to see you at ACRE / SOS 

Build Your Personal Brand w/ Julie Broad

We at the Mr Hamilton Team are extremely excited to announce our new podcast called The Truth About Real Estate Investing and we are super excited to have Julie Broad as our first guest.

Julie ( is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and International Book Award winner, recipient of the Top 20 under 40 award for Vancouver Island (2014), a successful entrepreneur, recognized real estate investor, and a popular speaker and workshop trainer. She’s been speaking on stages large and small across Canada since 2009, sharing her simple and strategic systems for having more impact & influence in your life and business.

She’s appeared as a guest on numerous news programs including CTV, Global TV, DayTime Ottawa and CFax 1070 and featured in publications such as Yahoo!Canada, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Sun and The Vancouver Province. She is also a regular contributing writer for Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s Magazine.

She’s an expert on helping people who aren’t naturally born to sell get results, make an impact and ultimately make more money (for their company and for themselves!). Sharing proven techniques for better communication, productivity and persuasion, Julie always leaves people inspired, excited and with clear steps to take action immediately.


In this episode, we learn Julie’s lessons on starting with just $16,000 in 2001 to becoming a real estate millionaire and, more importantly, to living a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle. Real estate investing is not all roses and Julie shares her stories from the trenches, including investing in what became a crack house. Julie talks to the importance of building a brand and shares stories of success.  As someone who’s worked hard to build a brand myself, I can personally attest to the importance of having an established brand in order to attract investors.

We also dig into fitness regimes, books, and habits that allow Julie to stay at the top of her game. Just this morning I borrowed Julie’s morning ritual of drinking a glass of water with a “greens” powder followed by a second glass of water and I felt terrific afterwards! If you want to be elite, then adopt the same habits as the elite – it’s that simple… and here is our show!!  Might I suggest downloading the podcast to your mobile device and listening while driving or commuting? That’s what I do as I love the quality of content from podcasts vs. anything on the radio, and it’s educational.

Download as an MP3 by clicking here and choosing “save as”

Show Notes: details contained in the show but I’ve typed them all here so you don’t have to memorize or write them down:

The Brand Evolution Boot Camp: Build Your Personal Brand by Julie Broad.

Julie’s Book More Than Cashflow:

Julie’s real estate website pronounced “revenue” :

8 People Just Like You Who Made $1 Million: down to #4 Julie Broad and Dave Peniuk invested in real-estate.

In this episode we cover dozens of topics, lessons and stories, many I haven’t heard before including:

  • How she started investing to become a real estate millionaire
  • Her early mistakes, including investing in what became a crack house and pleading guilty to Fire Code violations
  • A second book on the way
  • The importance of personal branding and how it makes investors/entrepreneurs successful
  • Books she recommends everyone read

I hope you enjoyed our show!! If you have any feedback or know anyone you would like to have on as a guest, let me know!