How a Failing Student Became a Multi-Millionaire w. Roger Auger

Hello Real Estate Investors!
Last Thursday, I had the honour of representing the on Cable 14’s “City Matters” to share our story of humble beginnings of plans for Roger Auger and I to deliver groceries for a Christmas dinner for three families each and now we’ve grown with YOUR HELP to provide for 300 families in need this Saturday!!
The fear of public speaking will make the top 10 list of fears for the average person and often ranks higher ahead of the fear of death.  I can relate as I still vividly remember the terror I felt having to give a 3-5 minute speech in front of my classmates in Grade 3 and then again once each year which was easily my least favourite part of school.  The feeling of dread, sweating profusely, the feeling of an expanding mass in my gut we all nicely refer to as “butterflies in the stomach” but in reality it feels more like an angry pack of dogs in the stomach… Having somewhat matured as adults doesn’t mean fears go away.  Hanging Christmas lights from my roof still scares the crap out of me but we do it anyways while putting on a brave face for my kids.  Same with my fear of public speaking.
I’ve never done live TV before so it was a nerve wracking experience but it felt easier with no audience, all of the production crew were outside the studio room so it felt more like a conversation between the host Doug Farraway and I. Doug is an excellent host and is active in community charities so we had much in common to discuss. The takeaway I do want to share is we are all afraid, I fear I overpaid for EVERY property I’ve ever bought, I fear we will fail in our mandate to help the poor but the greater good outweighs my fears hence we do it afraid anyways.

 This week I’m excited to bring to you my friend and client Roger Auger who grew up in a poor and less than ideal household in a bad part of town.  From an early age, Roger learned he had to hustle to make money to pay his parents’ mortgage because what else should a 13 year old be doing. But he struggled in school and resorted to blackmailing his high school teachers to allow him to graduate or endure another year him back.  Roger tried college but that didn’t work out but he never stopped working hard to earn enough to buy investment property.  Now at 13 properties, he’s done quite well for himself amassing considerably more wealth than many people I know with Masters degrees and on top of that, he has a heart of gold as Roger is the co-founder of the, wait till you hear the story about him and son Josh delivering Christmas dinners.  So without further ado, I give your Roger Auger
Sorry for the interruption during the introduction, that was my daughter bursting into my office to inform me the electricians were finished installing our new hot tub.  A new hot tub paid for by one of our investment properties.  That is the dream after all, to have your assets pay for your liabilities.  If you enjoyed the show, please click subscribe and I really appreciate 5 star reviews on iTunes.  I read every comment and and grateful for all the fans of the show, thank you for the kind words from everyone who has left reviews or emailed me. If you’d like new episodes delivered to your email as soon as they are available, simply go to and type in your email address. Till next time. Just do it! And I believe in you.
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  1. Alice
    Alice says:

    I don’t think the favor you’ve done for your friend Roger is going to offset the flood of negative publicity online. Delivering Christmas dinners is great, but could you do a podcast about how Roger Auger starved a building in Hamilton of heat for months so residents’ families had no heat on Thanksgiving? Or about how an elderly woman lost a playdate with her grandson because he was crying as it was too cold in the building managed by Roger Auger. Or a pregnant woman with a toddler who lives on the top floor of said building without a functioning fire alarm or an elevator or heat. Not to mention other illegalities such as withholding security deposits and illegal fees, and even withholding tenants’ rental payments from the building owner. Rental property owners and investors will thank you for this one.


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