I Quit! Trading Security for Independence With Cash Flow Investing and Mindset – Rene Masse

Mission Accomplished!

300 families received Thanksgiving dinners!!

I don’t know how we did it! Actually, I do. The collective efforts of all wonderful people from the Hamilton Basket Brigade, including many of you readers and listeners and clients, who we consider our friends. Though we investors are often attacked in the media and by the government, real estate investors are generous people accounting for over 90% of our donations, so please keep being YOU. I just loved the smiling faces of both the volunteers and the recipients, greeting us with faces of surprise and gratitude. I am truly thankful for friends like you who pull this event together to make a difference, however small, to families in need.

Super Excited to Have the Mayor Volunteer to Help Out

Here is just some of the feedback we collected:

“Our family was one of the lucky groups to receive this generous basket!!!! I was in complete shock and cried after they left. I’m so grateful and will definitely be paying it forward. Thank u!!!!”

“I think my sister’s friend received one of those baskets you were talking about. I don’t know who put her name forward, but you should know that Barney is off with a cancer diagnosis and Betty is really struggling to support the family on just her income [not their real names]. I know that she was extremely grateful for the Thanksgiving dinner provided to her by strangers. Keep doing what you’re doing as it is helping so many within our community.”
Like being a landlord, operating a charity is not always easy. This week, I’m shelling out another $600 to repair a furnace on a vacant property that isn’t bringing in any rent. However, the experiences from the charity are a reminder of how petty my problems are compared to those who don’t have their health and struggle to put food on the table for their family. Again for Xmas, the Hamilton Basket Brigade will do our part, however small, to provide another 300 Christmas dinners to those without.  And I will personally deliver a Christmas basket to Barney and Betty, along with toys for each of their three children. Struggling financially is one thing, but for a child the thought of losing a parent suffering through cancer is another. Maybe we can give them at least a reprieve from reality for just one night. We will be the change come December 23rd. You can help too, by volunteering/donating here: https://www.hamiltonbasketbrigade.com/. We are capping volunteers to the first 100, in an effort to respect everyone’s time.

I Quit! Trading Security for Independence With Cash Flow Investing and Mindset – Rene Masse

This week I’m excited to bring to you, all the way from Kingston, Ontario, Rene Masse. Rene has been working with tenants for over 20 years, as he grew up sharing space with tenants in his home. Rene has invested for 10 years, having reached the significant milestone of earning $5,000 cash flow per month after six years. He did so investing only $14,000 of his own money!  That is a pretty good return on investment, considering Rene quit his teaching job after just three months, giving up the steady paycheque, summers off, pension and job security for the entrepreneurial life. This is after years of University and Teacher’s College at Queen’s University and graduating with debt!!
Rene definitely has no interest in being average, and is truly living life to his fullest, as you’ll see from the interview which went no where near what I expected. Rene also produces a series of entertaining and educational videos on the subject of real estate investing and he has extensive experience in hiring university students to work in his business and video production. He’ll share how he does it! So without further ado, I present to you, Rene Masse

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Till next time, just do it and I believe in you!


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