Escaping the Vietnam War To Building a Mortgage Empire with Kevin Huynh

Hello, Wealth Hackers!

I was inviting some new guests to come on the show, and how I explained what the show is about is: We are here to educate, inspire, entertain a bit, then I added, “to practice gratitude.”

In my experience and from some of the great books I’ve read, gratitude is one of the secrets to happiness. The best part is it’s totally free.  

For fans of this show, all 17-18 of you, you’ll have noticed a trend where I’ve asked guests about challenges they or their family have faced, like today’s guest Kevin. 

Kevin’s grandparents suffered through the Vietnam war when the US invaded their country (sidenote, the parallels to Afghanistan and the US pulling out are disturbing, but that’s not for this show).

Anyways, immigrants keep coming to this country as we welcome people with open arms here, and there are many parts of the world with less opportunity and freedoms than here in the greatest country in the world. 

I try to highlight this fact when interviewing our guests to help the listener understand why immigrants continue to disrupt their daily lives to move to a cold country like our own.

It’s not just immigrants coming to the golden horseshoe on Ontario, either. 

I interviewed Kayla Andrade for the podcast last week, and before moving to Cambridge, her family lived and worked in the fishing industry of Newfoundland. 

Now a quick question for you… Where are the best job opportunities in Canada?

My answer would be the Greater GTHA.

#2 KWC or Ottawa

#3 Vancouver and area

Then what? Already the drop from 1 to 2 is steep.

The Vancouver area has expensive real estate.

What’s number 4? In my opinion, there is a big drop between Vancouver and what #4 is.

South Western Ontario is a pretty diversified economy. Where do you find another?

Just look what happened to our investor friends in Alberta who bet heavily on the oil industry while the rest of us in BC and Ontario have profited heavily.

Where am I going with this?

The next question is, where do you think the immigrants want to settle? 

Your answer should drive your decision to invest, then figure your cash flow requirement.

This is why I prefer to invest within an hour to 90 minutes from Toronto, so I can get some cash flow and benefit from price appreciation. 

Reduced risks, thanks to a diversified economy and proximity to the economic epicentre of our country.

That’s just my preference, and in my experience, it’s worked incredibly well for my clients and me.

My friends in Hambundance have experienced much of the same. What is Hambundance?

It’s a small networking group made up of real estate investors that I co-founded. 

The name is a play-off Gobundance, a high-end networking group that organizes kickass trips like white water rafting and camping the Grand Canyon or group trips to exotic places like Thailand.  

The initiation fee at the time was $5,000, I think.

But like many real estate investors, we are frugal people preferring to save and invest vs. spend money lavishly, so I grabbed some investor buddies and started our group with no fees. 

We would start the planning of our events by selecting whatever was on sale on Groupon, hahaha.

Our last big event was a $300 flight to Vegas. 

We stayed in New York New York, for $110 per night. We purchased passes to gun shooting, zombie shooting, Ferrari driving all off Groupon. This was pre-pandemic, of course.

With restrictions easing thanks to vaccines working, over 80% of adults fully vaccinated in Ontario, which is the vast majority… But only making up a minority of the positive test cases, even a small % of those hospitalized and almost zero in intensive care. I predict. 

With universities and governments mandating vaccinations among students and staff, the covid problem will continue to decline in Ontario and Canada.

But I digress; this past Saturday, we had a guys’ day. 

So, starting from 9 am, I picked up my buddies, all real estate investors. We road-tripped to a gun club to shoot trap which is using shotguns to shoot flying clay discs.

We had a guide teach us how to shoot and, more importantly, be safe. Next, we took turns shooting and keeping score, then we each threw $20 into the pot for the winner.

Some words of encouragement were shared, but there was a lot more trash talk.

 I didn’t win, but I was pretty happy with my improvement and performance. I shot 9 of 25 in round one, then 16 of 25 in round two. Good enough for 2nd place on the day.

From there, my friend Roger hosted us on his new powerboat, paid for by the recent sale of an investment property.  

We each took a turn being towed behind the boat at high speeds and sharp turns on an inflatable tube.  Falling into the water, of course, hurt; hence we each only had one turn.

We then had dinner and drinks in Niagara Falls, and that’s where the night ended. 

The next day, in other news other than waking up with a hangover, the Federal Government announced an election this September 20th.

So far, I’ve only looked at one party’s platform on improving housing. 

One party wants to encourage Canadians to invest in rental housing by allowing us to defer capital gains when selling a rental property AND REINVESTING in rental housing.  

This is already in the US called Section 1031 Exchange.

I shared this news with my Hambundance buddies, and one immediately replied, “I would sell my single-family rentals and invest in houses I can duplex.”

What a novel idea, incent everyday Canadians to invest their own money to create more rental supply to alleviate rental prices.

Cherry is all over researching real estate tax implications of the major parties’ platforms, and I’ll keep you posted here as well.

Escaping the Vietnam War To Building a Mortgage Empire with Kevin Huynh

On to this week’s show!

We have a special guest in Kevin Huynh of Empire Mortgages. 

He’s special as he’s a friend and one of my trusted mortgage brokers to find me inexpensive mortgages so I may continue to invest in real estate. 

Two weeks ago, we closed with a mortgage brokered by Kevin and the team, and we have another duplex expected to close in about a month from now, requiring Kevin’s magic as well.

If you know Kevin, he’s one of those guys who gives 110% in everything he does.  

He runs marathons, competes in Crossfit.  He’s an 11 year veteran of mortgage brokering and not just A and B lenders; he does a ton of C lending, which is private mortgages. On top of that, they do construction mortgages.

Kevin also completed Stock Hacker Academy and is achieving great returns.  

If you too want to be a Stock Hacker, I’m giving a few more demos before we deliver the next course starting October 1st. for details. 

He’s also here today to share how he almost did exist, but thanks to massive sacrifices by his family, he’s risen from the bottom and now drives a Tesla and golfs at one of the top clubs in Canada.

Please enjoy the show!

We’re hiring!

Just a friendly reminder that we are hiring more investment Realtors who want a full-time challenge to help our clients, regular everyday people, mostly from the GTA, invest in the top investment towns west of the GTA. 

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