How To Invest in Laneway Housing With

Greetings, my fellow Wealth Hackers!!

Hope your week’s off to a good start. I know mine is.

My golf game is improving :). Last week I trimmed 16 and 18 strokes off previous rounds of golf at respective golf courses!!

Tracking results and using consistent rules of play make tracking more effective, and there is an old saying in business: What gets measured gets done.

So whatever you deem important in life, you should check on it at regular intervals: Eg. how many times you spend time with the kids each week, date nights, net worth, monthly cash flow, vacation weeks etc, are all important metrics to the wealth hacker.

On one evening after dinner, I took the kids for an evening stroll around the pond behind the house, and we made it our thing to see what wildlife we could find.  

This spring so far with the kids, we’ve found a pair of beavers, frogs, and more recently, baby geese and ducklings, a turtle and this week, a nesting snapping turtle laying eggs!!

I don’t know about you, but this is the first time I’ve witnessed a turtle laying eggs less than 200 yards from my house nonetheless. 

Anyways, she laid around 30 eggs next to a walking path. The next morning, the kids and I installed two orange cones next to the nest to protect the eggs, so no one steps on the nest.

I used long golf tees to pin down the cones so they don’t blow away and ordered some reflective driveway markers for a longer term solution, after googling and finding out the baby turtles need 60 days to incubate. 

I also scolded a lady for getting too close to the nesting mom.  She got within two feet to get a better look.  The turtle mom tucked her head into her shell, which turtles do when they feel threatened.

I like doing this with the kids, enjoying the outdoors, teaching them about wildlife, and just as importantly, respecting living things.  Except for mosquitos, I’m nobody’s food source, lol.

As if the turtle sighting wasn’t exciting enough, my friend and client Kaush Nanubhai texted me that we could book our second covid shot, and I did.

The big day is July 14th, and I couldn’t be more excited about putting the Coronavirus behind me.

As someone who enjoys doing research, reading charts, etc., the most recent stats out of the UK in how new covid case to hospitalization rates are dropping, even as the fourth wave begins thanks to the Delta variant, I can tell vaccinations work.

The Delta variant is the one that ravaged India, so no thank you for my family and me.

As for me, I won’t hide at home. My kids will go back to school in person this fall. 

But, knowing our borders are open and how many have avoided or paid the fine to skip the quarantine hotel, variants will continue to come into Canada, so my choice is for Cherry and me to protect ourselves.

Thank goodness science will protect us from bad government, but thank you, government, for the free vaccine 😛

I almost forgot, I also gave a 30-minute presentation to 60 grade 8 students on investing as part of the financial literacy segment of their math class hosted by my award-winning teacher friend Ms. Horst. 

She wins awards every year for being leading edge for her use of technology in the classroom.  For example, school projects are submitted online as (private) blog posts using Google Chromebooks she convinced the school board to invest in.

The world needs more teachers like Ms. Horst.

Anyways, after getting the OK to be unfiltered about all the money printing going on, stuff not covered in the mainstream media, I think I did alright.

I hear some students took as many as six pages of notes, and one student even reached out asking if I would be their mentor.

As always, it is my honour to give back to the community what I have learnt, so if you’re an educator out there, grade eight and above, I’d be happy to present to your students too.  Just ask.

I know I wish I’d known this stuff sooner… As I told the students, my net worth would be 4-5 times higher than it is now if I’d started my journey at their age.

How To Invest in Laneway Housing With

On to this week’s show!!

We have Architects and innovators of laneway housing, Ryan Fernandes and Craig Race from

Young Ryan reached out via my website to let me know he’s been a long time listener, more recently, an investor.

He shared about what he’s got going on workwise designing laneway homes which are like laneway garages repurposed into apartments or a new build tiny house on a laneway behind the house. 

The progressive Toronto government makes laneway housing attractive investments; hence we have Ryan and Craig here on today’s show to share how the investment works.

Ryan and Craig have 50 laneway houses at various stages under their belt, and they’re here to share hard and soft costs, rents, tenant profiles, and where to find such opportunities.

Hopefully, the next phase will be garden suites so we investors may create much more housing supply to improve housing affordability.

For free property reviews and resources:

I hope you enjoy the show!

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