6 Years Part Time and $600k in Returns

That’s right, a part time investor from Toronto investing in cash flowing, Hamilton real estate and improved his net worth by $600,000 in just six years. Gross rents of $8,000 per month and John’s personal efforts to generate those revenues is 30 minutes per week or 2 hours per month, therefore his hourly rate is $4,000/hour.

After over a decade of sitting on the sidelines and knowing real estate was an excellent asset class, John finally took the leap after meeting his real estate coach in Erwin Szeto (full disclosure, John is my client). John, son of Greek immigrants, being a rather smart guy who has his MBA and Chartered Professional Accountant designation, took the leap and purchased his first investment property, in April 2011, a single family, semi-detached for $240,000 which is now worth over $400,000 in today’s market.

John has a full time, management job in Toronto, recently married to lovely wife Freda, and they are expecting their first child. With busy life including teaching at Sheridan College, achieving a black belt in Karate, learning to play guitar and full-time career, John still managed to make investing in real estate a priority and invested in one additional property per year.

John is an avid stock investor within his RRSP account using his own and his company’s contributions and we had a great conversation around SELF DIRECTED, educated, conservative, stock investing as well.

Show notes:

Final thoughts, I couldn’t find my proper mic for in person interviews so please do turn up the volume as I sound quiet and I know for future episodes when I am serving/consuming wine, to remove the wine charms 😛

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