Developing Different & Interesting Places with Steve Kulakowsky

This week we are talking to Steve Kulakowsky, co-owner of Core Urban Inc., where him and partner Dave have renovated and converted a 26 unit apartment building into condos, turned a former school into 36 condos, and transformed a few other dated and rough buildings into attractive, interesting places for people to call home in and around downtown Hamilton. Steve’s story in his rise to fame and success contains many lessons for new and old investors, so I’m really excited to share his story with you. Do make sure to check out Steve’s portfolio on his website at as words do not do justice to what Steve means by “interesting places”

Check out this article as well on Why restaurant veterans are ditching Toronto for Hamilton. The article mentions several restaurants located in Steve’s buildings on King William in downtown Hamilton.  The article says a lot about why people from all walks of life are moving to Hamilton. Quoting the article “$25-a-day parking, brutal traffic, high prices, miserable people and the money-rules corporate restaurant scene.”


Empire Times – Mix of restaurant and commercial spaces

Reading between the lines, these restaurant professionals are quitting their jobs to start their own ventures in Hamilton partly because the spaces, rent, renovation costs are so much less.

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