Top Coach Elizabeth Kelly Shares Lessons From Having Taught 1,000s of Investors

Can we do away with daylight savings already? I mean I wake up in the dark and drive home in the dark…. At least we can walk our kids to school in the light..

I hope you’re all adjusting better than I am.  I made the mistake of going out Friday night till the early hours of the morning for a guys night with my Hambundance group.

You read that right, my real estate buddies group is called Hambundance, a word mash up of Hamilton and Abundance.  It’s a play off of the elite mastermind group called Gobundance I was too cheap to join lol.

So my buddy Charles Wah and I formed Hambundance with a group of successful real estate investors like James Money Baggs Maggs, Andy Tran, Roger Auger, Kevin my mortgage guy, a builder, and another of my most successful clients John.

We try and meet once per quarter for 24 hours of fun.  The Friday started with Pew Pew, an indoor shooting facility with airsoft guns so we’d move through obstacles shooting targets while being timed.  With a group of competitive A types, that’s a lot of fun.  Thankfully no one got shot like last time when we were in Vegas.

Next is the commute to dinner because getting around downtown Toronto takes forever like it always has.  We dined at a restaurant known for serving game meats called Antler.  They got famous because as a tongue in cheek joke, on their side walk chalk sign they posted “Venison: the new Kale.”

Well animal rights groups did not think that was funny then proceeded to protest outside the restaurant on weekends which made the news internationally.  The owner of the restaurant was even invited on the Joe Rogan podcast to share his story and ever since, celebrities from all over the world stop in to support Antler.

We didn’t see any celebrities but we ate like them when considering the size of the bill afterwards.  I had the elk tartare and venison ribeye which tasted nothing like Kale.

From there it was drinks at one of our friend’s condo, then a roof top restaurant with the CN Tower in the background.

Needless to say the day and night were legendary and while pricey, still a business expense for me since we were talking real estate all night. 

While standing on the roof top on the patio with Andy Tran I couldn’t help but think how much things have changed and how much hasn’t since Andy and I first stood on a roof together.

The year was 2010, Andy the house buyer was inspecting a bungalow he had purchased conditionally on inspection. I was a new agent and keen to learn, I followed the home inspector Andy up the ladder onto the roof while dressed business casual and dress shoes.

Andy looks at me standing there on the roof as if I had two heads.  I ask “what?” 

Andy shares that in 1,200 home inspections, I was only the 2nd agent to ever get on the roof with him at a home inspection.  That was over ten years ago standing on a bungalow he bought for just over $200,000 that is now worth about 4 times…. I’m a good agent…

Fast forward to today, we both have more laugh lines and grey hair, while sipping ridiculously expensive drinks at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city.

Life can be good and it’s even better with like minded, good friends.

We started from the bottom together and now we are here.

I hope you all take the opportunity to grab some friends for a good time but maybe get more sleep than I did.

Top Coach Elizabeth Kelly Shares Lessons from having taught 1,000s of investors

On to this week’s show!!

My friend Elizabeth Kelly is joining us to share what she’s been up to the last two years since she was last on the show.

Elizabeth was a paid instructor of real estate training and has trained hundreds if not thousands of investors in rent to own, wholesaling, buy and hold, etc… many of the influencers today have been her students.

Elizabeth has done over 100 rent to owns as investments, manages over 400 doors, but most importantly she’s discovered what she enjoys most and that’s helping people via coaching.

She’s on the show today to share many of the lessons and hurdles newer investors make, what market she’s selling her properties in and lessons in investing in a mining town.

So get your pen out, take plenty of notes and please learn from Elizabeth’s lesson and enjoy the show!


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Till next time, just do it because I believe in you.


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