Starting With ZERO At Retirement Age To Real Estate Developers Using Borrowed RSP’s With Denise and Stuart

How much cash flow or net worth do you need to retire? 

Well, I have some ideas, but I’ve found everyone’s answer is different.

We have a couple of episodes coming up with guests who semi-retire with as little as $3,000-5,000 per month… But they live more frugal lifestyles.

Cherry and I are a bit more ambitious with a $10,000,000 charitable foundation, so you guys are stuck with me for a while. LOL.

Plus, $3k-5k per month won’t cut it when we have a new Tesla Model Y on the way. I want to limit my oil consumption, and I know that’s not a popular opinion among my Alberta investor friends.

That’s okay though, we all don’t have to agree on everything to get along.

I just like asking questions like, “would Canada have been fighting a war in Afghanistan if not for oil?”  

Remember that war in Afghanistan that was a huge failure? Canada supported the US because the Americans were looking for WMDs and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. 

Before that, Iraq invaded Kuwait over disputes over stealing oil which led to the Gulf War.  There’s quite the history of wars fought and lives lost over oil.

Thankfully, here in Ontario, the vast majority of our electricity is hydroelectric from Niagara Falls and nuclear. So, the fuel for my Tesla emits minimal greenhouse gases. At the same time, we in eastern Canada import our oil, so we’re not even supporting Canadian investments and jobs.  

I’m not judging anyone who doesn’t drive electric cars either… This is just a luxury Cherry, and I can afford no different than giving to charity.

Speaking of charity, the Hamilton Basket Brigade is ramping up for Christmas.  Our focus will be on warm outerwear and footwear.  

The feedback from school administrators in Hamilton is that too many kids have outgrown their shoes. As a result, some children’s shoes have holes with their toes sticking out. These kids are walking in snow and sleet with exposed toes 😠! 

Well, we’re not having that, so our goal is to donate 600 – 700 pairs of brand new shoes/boots to the poor kids in Hamilton. 

Shout out to Kevin for his $5,000 donation from his family foundation!

For those asking how they can support our charity, we’re small and operationally efficient as our charity is a side hustle.  The best way to support our charity honestly is to refer us business… for Stock Hacker Academy, iWIN Real Estate or Cherry’s Real Estate Tax Tips Accounting Practice.  

The more we make, the more we can donate and help people create their own wealth to contribute.

In our experience, it’s easier to support investors than fundraise for charity.  A good place to start would be sharing this podcast or our FREE real estate investing training at

Starting With ZERO At Retirement Age To Real Estate Developers Using Borrowed RSP’s With Denise and Stuart

Speaking of investors, we have some super successful real estate investors with us today in Stuart and Denise MacPherson.  

They’re self-described “Zoomers,” as in boomers with a lot of zip.  When you hear about their journey as real estate investors, you’ll find out much zip they have 😉.

From starting with limited resources at retirement age, including Stuart asking his dad for money for a downpayment on a home…

To becoming experts in borrowing and lending RSP mortgages… 

To now giving away houses, developing and building multi-family housing…

Denise and Stuart are here today to share how they did it after losing much savings in the financial credit crisis of 2007-08.

We get detailed on the ins and outs of RSP mortgages and the numbers on different investments they’re working on.

They’re old friends who’ve been super supportive to the Ottawa and Ontario real estate community. Needless to say, this is a pretty good show. Please enjoy!

We’re hiring!

Just a friendly reminder that we are hiring more investment Realtors who want a full-time challenge to help our clients, regular everyday people, mostly from the GTA, invest in the top investment towns west of the GTA. 

This is for driven folks who want to multiply their current incomes.


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