Passive Investing in Private Lending and Oakville, Ontario with Jay Gabrani Part 2

Happy August Everyone! And happy birthday to my Wonder Woman who has her own business, does Crossfit 3x/week, is a wonderful mom to our beautiful kids, runs our household and, the most difficult part, takes care of me. Happy 6th birthday!! No really, the kids buy it, she’s six years old…

To celebrate Cherry’s birthday, like anyone when they turn 18, is to go to Niagara Falls this past Friday. To start, joined by fellow real estate entrepreneur Charles Wah, we took a relaxing cruise down the Niagara river in a Whirlpool Jet Boat, seated in the front row no less.

After that, we pigged out at the Sheraton’s falls view all-you-can-eat-buffet, walked around Clifton Hill to burn off the calories, then a stop at Casino Niagara’s black jack tables where Cherry sat down with $100 and walked away with $150!!! Yay!! We didn’t lose 😛

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Passive Investing in Private Lending in Oakville, Ontario with Jay Gabrani Part 2.

Real Estate Investor and single dad to three, Jay Gabrani, is back on the show to share his passive investment strategies: private lending and investing in single family houses in Oakville, Ontario. Jay’s investing is so passive, he will have sufficient time to home school all three kids for high school. That’s right. The time and patience to home school three kids.


For those not familiar with private lending or even if you are, have a listen to Jay’s strategy to mitigate risks, plan an exit, and maximize returns. I’ve spoken to many investors who risk considerably more with their strategies, whereas Jay’s strategy may be the most sound I’ve heard.

Jay’s Oakville investing is educational as well, as many investors, including myself, made investment decisions based on a top 10 list. Alternatively, Jay goes off board to evaluate the economic fundamentals of his home town in Oakville, Ontario. Jay’s lessons here are particularly educational because if you remember from part 1, Jay was able to take a three year sabbatical after the loss of his wife to mourn and care for the three kids.

If you want to learn how to take three years off, you will want to have a listen to 2018’s most talked about guest.

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