Lessons from 500+ Rent To Owns With Rachel Oliver

Who knew Canada was so awesome!?

I heard it many times over this past weekend, and no, we’re not perfect. No one, no where, no investment is perfect. 

Even my daughter’s property that I bought in 2014 for $245,000 plus 150k in renovations and worth $875,000 today, is not perfect. Our upstairs tenant is inconsistent in paying us rent on time; It’s not the end of the world.

Few weekends ago, Cherry and I were up north for a getaway for the entrepreneurs networking group we belong to, and there were over 100 of us. 

We stayed at a Marriott in Muskoka, and the views were spectacular!

While networking with fellow entrepreneurs and enjoying the views and lovely food with too much drink, others regularly shared how much they love Canada and Muskoka.  Folks who travel extensively for business and have seen the world, some even come from poverty, including 2nd and third world countries.

If you haven’t had a chance to network with successful people and have more in-depth conversations, I can’t recommend it enough.  

Our conversations varied from travel to where folks are hiding out for the winter months to raising successful kids.  I even talked myself into a tee time at the prestigious Hamilton Golf and Country Club next month.

Real estate came up in conversation many times as I shared what I do.

Everyone likes talking about real estate. Some have a small handful of properties; most do not invest in real estate beyond their own home.  

Some are hardcore: builders, developers, and one gentleman has a metals recycling business, including owning the property.

What stuck out to me was the younger entrepreneurs in the ’30s and ’40s who do not own their homes and are sharing their struggles in buying property within their budget while facing significant competition from other buyers who bid up prices well above asking and sometimes what they thought was market value.

Compare that to you, the listener of this show, who has taken action over the last five, ten, even two years before the pandemic. 

If you did things right, buying a house likely isn’t a problem for you and when you get a chance, remind your spouse and kids how lucky they are to have you 😉

If you’re on the sidelines, I hope you don’t plan on staying there for very long. 

Sophisticated investors I know, including our clients, are still acquiring investment real estate.  If you have a better answer for all the inflation and money printing going on by governments worldwide, I am all ears.

I have many clients worth more than 7 figure small business owners, except my clients did so as a side hustle.

If you’d like to learn more about how our clients and myself invest, I encourage you to go to www.investortraining.ca and register for one of our events: iWIN Real Estate free training, Street Smart Tours, or networking events. 

Some of our events have a nominal charge, and the proceeds go to charity anyway. So you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Lessons from 500+ Rent To Owns With Rachel Oliver

On to this week’s show!

Today, we have my old friend Rachel Oliver who has achieved massive success via an investment strategy called Rent-to-own, having executed 500+ deals on said strategy.

As always with this show, we look to bring you the leading subject matter experts, and without a doubt, we have one today in Rachel Oliver of Clover Properties.

On this show, Rachel pulls back the curtain on how she runs such a successful business in real estate, how she generates leads for tenant buyers, including 800 applicants in a month, chooses markets to invest in, and how she’s able to help 90% of her tenants buy the house at the end of the term. 

I think Rachel and her husband Neil are great in how they run a win-win-win business – A win for themselves, their investor and most importantly, the tenant. 

Rachel also shares how she became an author, co-host of a television show, and about her extended vacation in Costa Rica.

I hope you enjoy the show!

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