From No Fixed Address to Successful Investor and Coach Who Says “Wealth Won’t Wait” With Mike Desormeaux

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the nice fall weather we’re having.

We are getting ready for Halloween in my household. But my kids don’t have costumes yet, so I’m guessing we’ll recycle last year’s costumes. 

As for me, I ordered mine on Amazon last year, and it arrived after Oct 31st. It’s a tracksuit and shirt for Cobra Kai, inspired by the Karate Kid movie with Daniel Larusso and Mr. Miyagi. 

It’s totally cool! 

I wore my yellow and black jumpsuit with a huge red cobra on the back to my kickboxing class on Saturday. Quite a less common thing to do, but no one said anything, LOL.

Speaking of doing uncommon things, Cherry and I closed on a turnkey duplex on the Hamilton Mountain. The property backs onto a shopping plaza that includes a Walmart Super Centre, LCBO, Tim Hortons, a bank, Bulk Barn, the list goes on.  

The location is incredible, and it’s newly renovated. The permit for the basement reno only closed two weeks ago.

The main floor is three bedrooms with refinished floors, a new kitchen, new appliances and new ensuite laundry. 

Our asking price is $2,400 per month plus hydro, and we have already signed a young couple to a lease.

The basement is also fully renovated, with two bedrooms and one bathroom, separate ensuite laundry, renovated with permits. Our asking is $1,800 monthly plus hydro.

My wife, Cherry, and I have to pay higher interest rates because of how our portfolio is structured via a B lender, specifically 4% interest plus 1% lender fee for a total of 5% for 12 months. After 12 months, we will shop around for a cheaper rate.

When we offered on the property, we were projecting negative 2,000 cash flow over the year, but thanks to rents going up, we will be slightly positive, and the market value of our duplex went up about $70,000 already.  

We paid $850,000, and my down payment was 20% plus closing costs. Therefore my return on my investment is almost 40%. Not bad – 40% ROI on day 1 of my investment, completely passive and turnkey! Yes, we got lucky, but we took the risk.

We received a flood of applications, and just this week, two properties like mine were for sale. Between those two properties, they received a combined 44 offers.  

I know some view real estate as an investment, but I also view my detached bungalow as a small business, and my customers are tenants and potential home buyers. 

It looks like there is much demand for my product from both tenants and home buyers, making my detached bungalow a winning business.

No, I don’t make much cash flow, but I have my stock hacking and Realtor business for cash flow.  

I know many folks out there busting their butts for the 1% rule, where one month rent = 1% of the purchase price in places like Alberta or New Brunswick…

My rules include being only a 1-hour drive from my properties, so it’s a reasonable distance for when we check on our properties from time to time.  

Plus, I prefer the economic benefits of investing closer to the economic center of Canada, which is Toronto. Call me lazy, but our investing has an extensive history of providing solid returns.  

I remember my friends who focussed on cash flow investing in towns you’ve never heard of in Ontario or Alberta, regretting their decision due to lack of price appreciation and even price regression for those who bought during the oil boom in Alberta.

My properties are in  Hamilton, Ontario… I like being in the business of owning investment properties that have massive demand.  High demand, low supply – It’s a winning formula in business and investment.

From No Fixed Address to Successful Investor and Coach Who Says “Wealth Won’t Wait” With Mike Desormeaux

On to this week’s show!

We have a special treat in my old friend Mike Desormeaux who I met back in 2010 when I joined Rock Star Real Estate.  

Mike is modest, but from my recollection, he’s been the top agent and coach at Rock Star in terms of unit volume, and his clients love him.

Mike wasn’t always successful though, he comes from some serious humble beginnings, from living across from the train junction yard to living out of his car. Then, he discovered real estate investing, and life from there changed forever.

Today, Mike is a successful investor and author of Wealth Won’t Wait, a book about creating income during uncertain times.  

Funny enough, Mike always wanted to write this book and did so during the uncertain times of the early pandemic.

Mike is an awesome guy, and he’s got a bunch of crazy real estate stories to share… stuff you can’t make up. For those who think Realtors have it easy, here’s a behind-the-scenes on the hustle and risks some take on to do the right thing.

Enjoy the show!


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