Lessons On How To Build Houses For Small Developments with Expert of 12 years and 800+ Houses Steve Ford

I think my son who just turned four has his first crush on his hair stylist… our friend Monica has a new hair salon in Hamilton that shares a space with an excellent coffee shop.

I needed a haircut and so did Bruce, so we booked an hour with Monica to get prettied up.

Normally my son hates getting his hair cut. We used to bribe him with an iPad and Paw Patrol to get him to sit still. At first he would only sit still for 5 minutes before running away when we cut his hair at home. Last time he sat the whole time for Monica, but again with his eyes glued to Paw Patrol.

This time, no screen time was needed. Bruce sat still the whole time participating in small talk with Monica. Before our appointment, Bruce was even on my case as I was recording a podcast, yelling at the top of his lungs he wanted to go see Monica to get his haircut three hours ahead of schedule. Appears Monica has a customer for life. LOL

What’s also neat about drinking excellent coffee and getting my hair cut is these businesses are within a commercial investment property of my friend Charles, Andy and Steve.  Steve is this week’s guest. It’s one storey for now, but this group of investors have plans to tear down the existing property and build a six storey, purpose-built student rental residence, as it is located very closely to the local university.

Universities are growing in popularity and students need a clean, safe and affordable place to stay, hence this investment property could very well be a wonderful wealth hack for generations to come.

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Lessons On How To Build Houses For Small Developments with Expert of 12 years and 800+ Houses, Steve Ford

Onto this week’s guest, my friend, client, and my go to guy on construction.

This interview was triggered by hearing interviews on other podcasts by beginner developers, which is totally cool. Sharing is awesome, and I wanted someone with mastery level experience to come on this show to share on developing and building houses.

That brings us to Steve Ford who has 12 years experience in construction and is a Project Supervisor for a local home builder, having overseen the construction of over 800 houses.

Steve is a real estate investor as well, having done rent-to-own and long-term buy and holds, but is going next-level in aggressively pursuing more active income by developing land and building houses via a strategy called in-fill development, which Steve explains on the show.

Steve is a wealth hacker and a good guy.  I give you Steve Ford.

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Website: https://www.infilldevelopments.com/

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