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Hello Real Estate Investors!!

The weather is finally warming up and spring market has finally come in April, as April has been our busiest month yet, and we still have a week to go!

I finally got on the roof to inspect repairs after the wind and ice storms. What the heck, Mother Nature? And I am finally getting around to taking down the Christmas lights. I was honestly going to turn the lights on during the ice storm and take a picture, Xmas in April!

Here I am on the roof taking down lights with my son, Bruce, watching.  I’ve noticed both our kids repeating more of what we say and copying what we do, so Cherry and I are doing what we can to set a good example, including not disclosing to them my fears.

I’m afraid of spiders and heights. When I see a spider, I pretend I’m not afraid. When I’m on the roof and the kids are watching, I pretend I’m not afraid. I don’t want my kids to learn fears from me, if they are born with phobias, fine, but I don’t want them learning them from me.

Basically, I want to be a parent my kids can be proud of. I don’t know if what I’m doing will help, but it definitely can’t hurt. Same is true with our investing. I brought my daughter with me to a lease signing to meet my new single mom tenant and her five year old son. You don’t know how many people I’ve met who are afraid of tenants, and hopefully my kids will not be.

Large Multi-Family Investing – Pierre-Paul Turgeon

Former CMHC Underwriter for apartment buildings, Pierre-Paul Turgeon, is a veteran apartment building investor and the country’s best teacher in multifamily investing, and he is back on the show! Not only is he a leading expert on investing, he is a philanthropist who offered vacant units in his buildings rent-free to victims of the Fort McMurray Fires, plus food and clothing. He is exactly the type of guest we enjoy having on the show for an update on the Alberta market, lessons on apartment building investing, mindset for success and, if you stay to the end, we get a bit controversial talking politics and pipelines. Interesting and informative stuff. Pierre even keeps it real, revealing he’s had recent cash calls, something most investors do not talk about.
Pierre Paul is back in Ontario later in Sept to give an all-weekend workshopSeptember 28-30, 2018 and you can quickly learn and obtain the tools to be a professional apartment investor.
For more information and to register go to:
Note: this is an affiliate link but I am not receiving any sort of personal compensation, I simply want more investors to have good information so they can take care of themselves and their loved ones.
Pierre Paul has kindly offered to support my charity the Hamilton Basket Brigade, so feel free to use my affiliate link or not, just promise me you will grow your wealth and support your own favourite charity or church!
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Pierre Paul’s rental website:
and his website:, check it out for more information and testimonials from friends of the show Jules Mackenzie, Rene Masse, and Charles Wah

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