Beating Rental Licensing and Cancer, Investing in Apartment Buildings and Cryptos

Can the Spring weather start yet? I had tickets to the TFC game for Tuesday night, but gladly gave them up to watch the Toronto Raptors indoors at the Air Canada Centre!
On Saturday, I got my Crossfit report card from my head trainer, which is awesome because he took time out of his busy schedule at no added charge to review my performance, grade my efforts, and provide feedback on areas of weakness and strength.
This is my first report card since graduating university in 2002. High school gym class was one of my worst subjects in school, and I’m still not a good athlete. Also, my worst average in school between high school and university was about 78 in first year, when I was young and dumb and drunk too often, so seeing C’s on my report card is something new to me. :p
Now I’m old, less dumb, and quite sober, and I’m not much better at gym, as you can tell by my report card. It is a great punch in the stomach to the ego and I’m motivated to target my weaknesses in gymnastics. Luckily, I’m at my ideal body fat, so I don’t need to lose any weight but I’m still heavy, making gymnastics a challenge.
No thank you to additional training for longer metabolic conditioning, as that will require a larger time investment, plus recovery time, and gymnastics are way cooler than cardio.
This relates to real estate if you can’t tell. 😛
None of us real estate investors are good at everything. We all have to pick our spots to focus on in order to maximize results.  Some are great at financial analysis, some are great with tools and know everything about house construction, but we all have to move forward without having all the answers and knowing everything, or else you’ll never make progress.  So pick your spots, move forward, and have fun!

Beating Rental Licensing, Cancer, and Investing in Apartment Buildings and Cryptos with Mike Iuliano

My friend, Mike Iuliano, is many things: a backyard gardener, a foodie expert of restaurants in the Niagara Region, and an expert on apartment buildings in the Niagara Region.
Mike lead a coalition of Niagara landlords to fight the city of St. Catharines in Ontario Superior Court and won, thus allowing all us student rental investors to operate our safe, clean rental properties for young adults. Mike’s advice and lessons are now more important than ever, as a couple Niagara Region towns are implementing licensing, including St. Catharines, which is getting started with theirs.
Mike is also a savvy stock investor, who consistently outperforms the market. When folks know how to make money, that always peaks my interest. He also trades Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, so if that interests you, you will want to have a listen on how he does it.
Finally, he is a Cancer survivor and it has shaped how he now lives his life. You don’t want to miss this episode!!

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Until next time, Just do it, I believe in you.
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