Doubling Down On Real Estate While Balancing Real Estate and Family with Ken Bekendam

Greetings my fellow iWINNERS!

I hope you’re all enjoying this summer as much as I am. 

The craziest recession/depression or whatever we are in continues.  The divide between the haves and have nots is widening, but don’t worry, for the haves, I’m sure our taxes will go up. Let’s all enjoy the great weather and market appreciation.

This real estate market in Ontario has created a lot of wealth for investors, including this week’s guest in Ken Bekendam. We’ll get to him in a moment. I’m sure he’s grateful and I know I’m very grateful for our respective real estate portfolios.

Cherry’s birthday is coming up and the plan is for us to golf seven of the eight days of her birthday week.  Yes, this is Cherry’s bday and her idea, not mine. In Cherry’s previous life, aka a previous boyfriend who we don’t talk about was an avid golfer so they golfed a lot together.

Cherry has many shots that I do not and has out played me two of the times we’ve golfed this season.  This past Sunday, Cherry and I golfed together with my cousin and his wife.  Cherry and I were playing scramble as in we each shoot then choose who’s shot was better and we both hit from there.

We were playing at the lovely Indian Wells Golf Course and the last time I was there I hit a 119 which I was pretty happy with.  When partnered with Cherry, we scored a 94.  An improvement of 21%.  Cherry mentioned how our golfing that day parallels our lives, we complement one another, raise each other up.  We both have good and bad moments, but we can often compensate for one another.

On the first 9 holes, I was playing great. There was a stretch over two holes where every shot we used was mine.  I mentioned it to Cherry then she hit her best shot of the day immediately after.  She has a competitive fire and wants to be her best, much like I do.

Over the last 9 holes, I struggled a bit and Cherry contributed a lot more.  With my advanced age and 35 degree weather, I tend to fade after the 14th hole.  I think she knows this hence the high volume of 7 golf outings in 8 days so she can kick my butt 😛

Speaking of Cherry kicking my butt, she beat me in stock hacking yet again last week. I had my third best week ever but Cherry managed to make even more.  Our household again realized five figures of cash flow in US dollars. She trader vs he trader is now about 13-6.

The stock hacking gains are great, but don’t forget, our bankroll was funded by our real estate.

For those interested in taking a beginner course taught by a best selling author and fellow stock hacker with 30 years of experience, including as a floor trader on Wall Street, he is none other than the Godfather of stock options, Lee Lowell, then go to Also save the date, the weekend of  Oct 3-4th.  This is the version 2.0 of the program and if it’s not called Stock Hacker Academy, then I have nothing to do with it nor endorse it. 

On to this week’s interview giving us the Truth About Real Estate Investing and it’s not an easy one…

Doubling Down On Real Estate While Balancing Real Estate and Family with Ken Bekendam

In planning a future without his wife Kaitlin and mother to one year old son Kingston, Ken Bekendam made the decision to quit his job and double down on his efforts to build his real estate investing business.

At the time, half his income was coming from Ken’s investment properties, plus he needed to build towards the flexibility of schedule, being an entrepreneur, as Ken is now a single father, and financial freedom that comes with being a successful real estate investor.  

Ken is a renovation expert both for his own portfolio and for clients, especially in adding legal, income generating suites and additions to existing properties. Like many high level real estate investors, he’s raising private mortgages so you’ll want to pay attention to that part.  

I don’t want to spoil too much so I’ll let Ken tell you his story. I give you Ken Bekendam.

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Till next time, just do it because I believe in you.
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