Collecting a Million in Rent, Starting at Age 26 With Evelyn Lamarsh

Yes!! I finally bought myself something I’ve wanted for ages!! A Sony PlayStation 4. It’s been on my Amazon wish list for a few years and I finally pulled the trigger and now giving it away.

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As the holiday approach, we at the Hamilton Basket Brigade are into full swing to answer the wishes of 30 in need families in Hamilton. How do we find the families? We go to the public and catholic elementary school boards and ask them to give us their families who have it worse than anyone else. We’ve had a long working relationship with both wonderful, very supportive school boards, administration and teachers.

As much flack as the teachers and schools get in the media… in our experience, they go above and beyond to help us help those in need.

As the saying goes, it’s better to give than receive, and a family of six that just lost their dad will enjoy this more than I will. Hopefully they can at least enjoy a mental escape for a few hours.

I know how much getting a Nintendo from my parents meant to my brother and I when we were just kids, and for me to gift the PS4 to someone else in need means more to me than enjoying playing games myself. Plus video games will kill my already terrible productivity. 🤣

Anyway, the Leonard family (not their real name) just lost the man of the family, the sole income provider, leaving behind mom and six kids (including 2 under the age of 2).
As the President of the Hamilton Basket Brigade, as tradition, my team assigns me a special case for whom the budget needs to be broken for and we did just that to the tune of 3X. Cherry and I will donate the 2X so the charity stays on budget.

As usual, I didn’t tell Cherry about my spending spree until after and, to compensate, I explained the PS4 is something I always wanted, it’s for me, the only Xmas present I want, and it’s my preference to give it away.

Call me nuts but whatever, I’ve always preferred to give than receive.

Other stuff for the Leonard family: laptop, hover board for the only daughter, clothes for the whole family. Toilet paper (it was on sale at Costco so why not).
For anyone who still thinks money is the root of all evil… well, I don’t know how else these gifts get in the hands of those who need it most. Get your mindset right on money. If you’re a good person, get more of it to give away.

As always, actions speak louder than words, so I’m not bragging but rather stating facts. On behalf of the Wealth Hacker Conference, Cherry and I have donated $10,000 to the Hamilton Basket Brigade and will make a 2nd installment of $20,000, for a total of $30,000. We are now 75% of our annual operating budget and we proudly retake our position as the number 1 donor of the Hamilton Basket Brigade. It was no easy feat as our friends Matt Green and Scott Dillingham are extremely generous individuals. One a successful entrepreneur, the latter an ultra successful mortgage professional and real estate investor. Only those with wealth are able to make such sizeable donations. Special thanks as well to James “MBM” Maggs VP of iWIN who firmly holds 4th place on the all time donations list.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld 

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Collecting a Million in Rent, Starting at Age 26 With Evelyn Lamarsh

On to this week’s show!! We have a special guest in Evelyn Lamarsh. 

Evelyn, who was on stage in front of almost 1,600 at the Wealth Hacker Conference and is one of my first clients, emailed me this morning: “Hey Erwin, Just for fun I keep track of my total rents paid over the years. As of this year, tenants have happily paid me over one million dollars in gross rents! 🙂

Whenever I hear people tell me their reasons they can’t or don’t invest, I think of this 26 year old, single woman will a small amount of life savings who pushed herself out of her comfort zone and bought a century home with a spotty roof, leaky basement, knob and tube wiring, in a historically rough area, and a street that shared the same address as many of the steel mills in Hamilton.

Evelyn had the courage to push through all the reasons in her head why she shouldn’t buy this house. I’m sure many non investors told her she was crazy and she did it anyways.  For those who invest in the West Harbour of Hamilton know how history went, that same house has nearly tripled in value and this is Evelyn’s story via flash back to this episode we recorded in 2016.  She’s since acquired more houses for a total of ten, with plans for more in 2020. More importantly, husband Mike was able to retire from his job as car mechanic to work a 15 hour work week to maintain the properties and spend lots of time with their two young kids.

This is the truth about real estate: a 26 year old woman, on her own, can go onto accumulate a portfolio of ten cash flowing properties. I proudly present to you, our super star client, Evelyn Lamarsh.

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