The Land Banking Real Estate Lawyer w Hussein Kudrati

Does anyone else feel oversensitive these days?

I’m not sure what it is, but my temper and patience have grown shorter over the past years. Even the littlest things make me feel emotional.

Yesterday, I received a late birthday present from my brother and sister-in-law via Amazon – a simple comic book.

No big deal, right? Well, it’s a comic book of Shang Chi, the newest in the Marvel’s Avenger series of movies, and he’s Chinese like me 🙂

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I’ve watched every single Marvel movie since the first Iron Man at least three times!

I used to borrow my brother’s Netflix, but now I have Disney Plus+, so it doesn’t cost me anything to keep watching them, lol.

Anyways, I felt a rush of emotions come over me as I opened this simple comic book. As I read the first few pages and my eyes started to well up.

I’ve loved superheroes all my life and kung fu movies; my favourites were anything with Jackie Chan. Now I get to see two of my favourite things coming together.

From a business perspective, I don’t know why Disney didn’t do this sooner – feature a superhero of Asian descent who looks like a few billion people in the world.

As this is a real estate show, Spring is here or has been for some time.

The weather isn’t warm enough yet, so we burned some wood to keep warm while the kids used the pre-heated pool. Thankfully, Oakville allows open fires. 😊

For Spring maintenance, I’m sending my handy person Rob to inspect all my Hamilton properties. He’ll document, quote all the inefficiencies. He’ll also prepare a game plan to address any maintenance and renovations needed.

Rob is a smart guy, so I’ll even have him coordinate any specialty trades needed. eg. HVAC if my air conditioner or furnace needs maintenance. I want to stay not involved as much as possible. LOL.

Real estate like property maintenance doesn’t need my regular attention. So, I outsource jobs to spend more time with the family, working on my businesses and working out. Those activities are more enjoyable to me than painting or cleaning out eavestroughs.

Speaking of real estate, we continue to offer free training classes on the #1 investment strategy in real estate.

FYI the #1 strategy has changed three times in the ten years I’ve been a real estate professional, and it will change again. So, I recommend you learn from the experts on my iWIN Real Estate Team who practice daily.

I’ve even recorded a video explaining how I invest for my kids. You can view it at

It’s a recording so you can watch it at your leisure. Once you register for it, we’ll let you know when our next free training on real estate is.

The Land Banking Real Estate Lawyer w Hussein Kudrati

On to this weeks’ show.

One of my real estate lawyers Hussein Kudrati is here to share his own experience in the family business. They invest in real estate with the long term in mind, including what’s called “land banking”.

Hussein and his family have benefitted from generations of entrepreneurship. He’s here to share what it’s like and, even though he was born into privilege, his parents raised him to be humble and hustle.

Hussein has a ton of experience working in real estate. He also works with folks who have assets they want to pass onto their kids, paying as little tax as possible.

He was kind enough to share some of those stories today… Including why his family chose to live and invest in Canada though they could have immigrated anywhere. He talks about the “abuse” his parents put him through to ground and humble him and how one can start land banking today.

Please enjoy the show!

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Hamilton, St. Catharines and Toronto Land Development, Real Estate Investor, and soon to be builder.


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