Lessons In Commercial R.E. Through Crashes, Why Focus on Industrial & Nursing Facilities w. Shane Melanson

Greetings, Wealth Hackers!

Everyone enjoying the kids going back to (virtual) school after March break in April? 

Since we moved homes before the break started, my kids switched schools. Our new school is only 5 minutes away by walk vs. our kids took the bus when we lived in Burlington. 

The biggest downside of bussing kids to school is it limits my face-to-face interactions with their teachers.

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Now the kids are in virtual school anyways with new teachers and new classmates.  Their former teachers were happy to have our kids continue with their classes, but the kids chose to move on. 

They’re doing quite well as they did before.  I have no idea why but I wonder if it’s because we limit their screen time.  They do have a crappy tablet that they only use for audiobooks which they absolutely love. 

We play video games only on weekends but not for long. They also don’t have the time between tutoring in Math and English 3X per week and Kickboxing 4X per week to watch any movies.

They’re now in our pool that we’ve had open for 2-3 weeks, and I may jump in after recording this 😜

I’m learning how to be a pool owner. 

Yesterday, I taste-tested the water, then proceeded to dump two bags of salt in the pool.  I hope that does it as I don’t have a fancy saltwater testing kit. I also don’t want to taste-test the water again intentionally. Hopefully, the kids haven’t grown another arm yet. LOL.

We cranked the gas heater to 85 degrees, so hopefully, I don’t freeze to death.

Today is also 48 hours after I’ve had my Astra Zeneca vaccine, and today Justin Trudeau got his Astra Zeneca shot.  Hopefully, what’s good enough for our Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is good enough for a regular joe like me.

I’ve had zero side effects in my experience, and I set a personal record after riding my indoor Peloton bike for over 90 minutes last night. 

I’m feeling very grateful.

I know many are not so lucky with this virus, including my friends on the frontlines in the hospitals, and I’ve gotten several messages from friends disappointed in not being able to get an appointment.

I do believe we are in this together, and I’ll do my part. I’ll stay out of the hospital, heeding the warnings of ER doctors to avoid ER’s. As if one ever needed advice on not doing stuff that would lead to going to the ER.

I tip 15% each time I order takeout. I’ll tip the restaurant directly if ordering Uber Eats and the driver.

I’ll continue my charity work and bring value to our investor community.

Speaking of value, we posted a video about my thoughts on the 2021 Federal Budget on my YouTube channel: The Truth About Real Estate Investing.

Why is it important to know?

Well, the Ontario Government in 2017 tanked the real estate market with their Fair Housing Plan. So, I want to know, as an investor, what’s in the budget, which I summarize for the Canadian real estate investor.

For those who’d like to learn more in-depth about real estate, we have our May 15th monthly iWIN Meeting coming up. We have planned presentations on How to Buy A Foreign Vacation Property and How to Make The Interest Expense On Your Home Tax Deductible. 

Everyone on my email newsletter gets an invite, and it’s available for sign-up at  www.truthaboutrealestateinvesting.ca.

Lessons In Commercial R.E. Through Crashes, Why Focus on Industrial & Nursing Facilities w. Shane Melanson

On to this week’s show!

This week, we have returning guest Shane Melanson, one of the most active commercial real estate investors I know.

He’s pretty big time, having bought 100’s of apartment units. He’s developed tens of thousands of square feet of commercial/industrial properties. He’s now involved in skilled nursing facilities, like less urgent hospitals, so the operating costs are much less than hospitals. 

Shane is here today to share lessons from investing during a crash and the time it took to recover. He’ll also share how he structures these multimillion-dollar development projects and the difference in getting commercial lending/mortgages in Canada vs the US.

We cover a ton of stuff, so for anyone who likes to geek out on commercial real estate, I hope you enjoy the show!

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