Starting Early, Investing at the Young age of 26 with Evelyn Lamarsh

Evelyn began her real estate investing journey at age 26. She bought two rentals then bought a house for herself. She didn’t get to live there very long, because her neighbour, Mike, fell in love with the Girl Next Door and they were married in no time!  She made the big move next door and her house became another rental. Evelyn and Mike keep collecting homes and make time for cycling, canoeing and chilling in their boat. Evelyn is an Occupational Therapist and Mike’s Executive Assistant. Mike is an Auto Mechanic and Evelyn’s personal Mr. Fix-It. One day, Mike will own his dream sports car and he’s willing to share it 50/50… Evelyn will get the passenger seat!

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How it all started
  • Investing in an affordable area near a future Go Train station
  • Why she invests
  • The decision to invest in student rentals
  • Her worst moments as an investor
  • Marrying the perfect investment partner
  • Turning cash flow into a boat
  • Refinancing one house to buy another
  • Evelyn’s favourite real estate authors and networking groups
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