Private Lending Update with Susan Flanagan

Hello my fellow awesome Wealth Hackers!

I hope you’re all staying safe and doing your thing to make cash flow and income no matter the situation. 

For anyone keeping score at home, Cherry beat me again last week by about $1,600 US in our weekly stock hacking challenge.  Elon Musk and his big twitter mouth got me and cost me a bunch of my profits. Cherry shook it off and continues to lead 7 weeks to nothing…

For you ladies listening please know this isn’t just for men. 

For the men listening, Cherry and I are happy to hear you are encouraging your lady partners to stock hack. Wealth Hacking has always been about multiple streams of income and I’m so lucky that Cherry was willing to learn and practice stock hacking. 

We thought me doing this would be enough, no need to double our efforts, but this has worked out wonderfully for our family and we hope it does for you too.

I don’t even have anything to sell you in regards to Stock Hacking as we won’t run another course till the fall.

In less exciting news, I let my kid cut my hair on Friday. 

Cherry was sick of it but she wouldn’t let the kids shave my hair into a mohawk.  The kids had fun till they got bored and Cherry took over and shaved my head fully.  She says I look like a new man. For me, this is my first shaved hair job as confirmed by my mom, so it’s a new experience for me and I own a bunch of cool hats anyways 😛

I haven’t unveiled my hair cut on social media yet but I have a free training to host tonight on the subject of the #1 investment strategy: legal basement apartments. 

Now I can’t wear a hat in a professional setting so I guess this will be the first public unveiling.  The training is conducted online via Zoom since we must respect social distancing, but I can’t wait to host classes and meetings in our new offices once it’s safe to do so. I do miss the interaction, sharing and networking that goes on in person.

If you haven’t attended our free training, well that’s just silly. When done wrong, the costs are massive, we had a client who against our advice, brought with him his contractor team from out of town and he was never able to legalize his suite. 

This is the only client who went against our advice and the only client we have who’s been unable to win using this strategy vs. the dozens and dozens of other happy clients we have with legal basement apartments. 

Even in these challenging times, I only have one tenant who can’t make rent.  You bet I’m glad I have mostly legal basements and student rentals and got rid of my AirBnb last year.  

My rents are going up and prices in my market still manage to be up 5% over this time last year.

For more information on our free training class, go to: 

On to this week’s show!

Private Lending Update with Susan Flanagan

We have with us today a real estate investor and private lending specialist Susan Flanagan!

Susan is a seasoned real estate investor with over 25 years of experience. She has done everything from regular buy and holds, student rentals, rent to own, flips and along the way added creative financing strategies to build her portfolio. 

She has also been lending her own funds for mortgages for more than 12 years, as well as using private funds for her various real estate projects. That experience has led her to becoming a Mortgage Agent and then a Mortgage Broker, specializing in “Private Money 4 Mortgages” which is also the name of her website. 

Susan services two types of clients…. the person who needs a Private Mortgage and the Investor who has money to lend out for a mortgage. 

She considers herself a “matchmaker”, connecting lender’s and borrower’s for a WIN-WIN scenario.

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To connect with Susan:

NO MORE Confusion

After all the Youtube videos, books, and forum posts, you’re probably still left with questions. Starting in real estate is a tricky thing.

Frustrated beginners often ask how a legal basement suite conversion actually works. Most of the time we can only give general answers. But now, we get to dive in.

At this in-depth, free class you’ll learn how to take your first steps as a real estate investor.

Nothing is held back. Everything from analyzing basement suite conversion deals, to renting out your first property at a profit, and even how to refinance and do it all again!

More secrets you’ll uncover are:

  • Profiting in a HOT market…
  • Municipal bylaws to watch out for…
  • Mortgage terms that favour refinancing…
  • AND one barely used tactic for higher appraisals…

If you’re frustrated, unsure of how to get started, this is for you.

 Sign up now for the Invitation List and be one of the first to get an invite to the next class.

Sponsored by:

Infinity Wealth Investment Network – would you like to know how our investors returned 341.8% on positive cash flowing real estate over the last five years? On average, that was 68.4% per year, just imagine what winning in real estate could do for you. If you would like to know how we did it, ask us how by calling 289-288-5019 or email us at Don’t delay, the top markets we focus in are trending upward in price, so you can pay today’s price or tomorrow’s price.

Till next time, just do it because I believe in you.
Hamilton, St. Catharines and Toronto Land Development, Real Estate Investor, and soon to be builder.


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