Our Journey To The Wealth Hacker Conference

There’s so much going through our heads in the last 48 hours.

As excited as it was for us on Saturday at the Wealth Hacker Conference, we didn’t start out that way.

Our journey started off around the time when Cherry’s grandma passed away. A small idea was planted by Maryanne Gillespie, Erwin’s coach, to host free classes to share the idea of building long-term wealth through real estate investment.

We discussed and we brainstormed, nothing really firmed up and Cherry took off to Hong Kong to attend her grandma’s funeral.

When Cherry arrived at Hong Kong after her 16-hour flight, Erwin already recruited a bunch of his friends, most of them are real estate experts, to join him on hosting an all-day educational event.

Talking about taking action, I’ve never wasted time to take action!

That was the beginning of Wealth Hacker Conference.

In February, we attended 10X Growth Con at Marlins Park Miami, part of the 32,000 people who attended the event. We were completely blown away by the 10X philosophy, but we had little idea how much 10X Growth Con affected our own planning.

We hired an event planner, Shauna Arnott, who’s also the host of the event Haste and Hustle. She brought up the idea of bringing Grant Cardone to Toronto. 

Grant is a real estate mogul. His philosophy is about investing in himself and building long-term wealth. He’s all about taking responsibility of our own lives and 10X the goal and effort to achieve the 10X goal.

Grant was a great fit, but … would his personality get along well with our humble Canadian crowd?

When in doubt, Erwin turned to Facebook.

He posted the question and asked, “Would you like to see Grant Cardone or Robert Kiyosaki?”

The rest is history.

We had a delay booking Grant, then we had competition. Then we had problems firming up a venue.

We wanted to deliver the best value, instead of just another real estate educational event.

Erwin reconnected with his friend, Omar Khan, who has been tirelessly sharing his simple stock investment strategy with everyone around him.

Omar has lived his life on his terms. He spends most of his days managing his properties and trading stocks. Almost no one has seen him speak in public before.

We know that the world needs to hear him sharing his virtually unknown investment strategy, but we had our doubts about him early on. Can we put Omar on stage to speak to 1,500+ attendees?

Our ticket sales weren’t exactly how we expected in the summer. Our marketing agency decided to leave us before the end of summer. It was tough, but it was a blessing in disguise.

This was the turning point for us. A light bulb went off in our heads. We realized that both of us needed to step up, take charge, take responsibility and promote.

If this event is our version of 10X, we gotta 10X our effort to 10X our results!

It wasn’t easy. From writing the emails that you see everyday, to posting on social media strategically, to driving for a few hours to present at different venues, to interviewing Grant Cardone in person in Miami, we spent a lot of time, effort, money and tears along the way.

Is it worth it? Hell yes. 

We have grown to become someone that we have never thought possible. We now come to appreciate the value of our network and our list 100X more. Thanks to Tom & Nick Karadza, who taught us about building and nurturing our list, before we even started having any businesses.

Are we done yet? We hope not. 

We still have a message to share. We still want to continue to help you to build your long-term wealth.

We still want to make sure you can take control of your financial life, quit the job that you’ve always wanted to quit, pay for your children’s education, and travel around the world.

You can continue to join us on our wealth hacking journey here.

Thank you once again for joining us at Wealth Hacker Conference.

Until next time,


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