Mortgages for Incorporated Properties With Andre Matos

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

For Cherry and I, 2021 was a great year. I’ll do a year in review show soon where Cherry and I share what worked and didn’t in 2021.  We’re not special, but we have experience owning a couple of seven-figure businesses and an eight-figure real estate portfolio.

We just returned from a four-day ski trip from Hidden Valley in Huntsville, ON, and it was pretty awesome!

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We like Hidden Valley because it’s small, which is great for the kids and Cherry as they’re learning. It’s also a bit further than the better ski hills, so the lineups for the chair lift are almost non-existent.

The kids and Cherry got lessons every day for four days because that’s what beginners should do. Beginners who don’t, well, if you’ve seen beginners at a ski hill, it’s not pretty.

One afternoon it was -7° 🥶. I might be afraid of the cold more than some, but my policy is no exposed skin when it’s that cold. 

I observed a bunch of beginners in rental equipment; they at least wore helmets but no goggles and no gloves! Yup, bare hands holding ski poles. But they were wearing Canada Goose jackets.

As my kid passed one of them, they panicked like they had seen a ghost and fell over. My kids had been in ski camp for the last four days, so they have very good control, and are comfortable skiing in close proximity.  The new guy, unfortunately not so much. 

I saw another family with their pants tucked into their ski boots with their kids. As soon as they pushed off the chalet to the chair lift, the entire family fell over. One ever resorted to trying to sit on her skis as if they were a toboggan.  She didn’t realize the skis have built-in brake technology.

Like anything new that comes with risk (physical or financial), I can’t recommend enough one take a lesson.

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On the investing front, we just signed a tenant for our only vacancy. We are renting out the main floor for $2,200 + hydro and basement for $1,800. That’s $4,000 per month or $48,000 per year on a legal duplex we paid in the low 800’s this past summer.  A property we purchased off one of our flipper clients.

This fill took longer than expected as the property manager didn’t have as keen an eye as I do for small details. For example, some painting was left unfinished during the renovation. The front door also needed painting. The over-the-range microwave was not installed due to a missing part. 

When showing the property, the property manager would promise prospective tenants everything would be fixed before they move in.

I’m not that patient… And because  I have to pay to finish the reno sooner or later, I’d prefer sooner if that means the vacancy is filled faster.  So, I sent my best handyman, who’s also my most expensive and responsive, to get it done.  What do you know, the vacancy filled the week after!

This is why my preference is to invest within an hour’s drive so I may personally inspect stuff once in a while.

On to this week’s show!!

Mortgages for Incorporated Properties With Andre Matos

During the pandemic, I picked up a new hobby, golf, because back then, you couldn’t see your friends or clients unless it was on a golf course.

From there, I was hooked! I personally enjoy mixing business with pleasure; playing golf, networking and doing business 🏌️🤑

One day while having dinner and drinks after golf, I had an in-depth conversation with Andre Matos. Andre is a Home Financing Advisor at Scotia Bank and a Stock Hacker Academy alumni.  

He explained the mortgage products available only directly from Scotia… including mortgages on property owned inside a corporation.

This was news to me, and I told my wife, Cherry, about it right away as we own 11 of our 12 properties inside a corporation. 

If you’re wondering if you should incorporate your investment properties, Cherry, my wife of offers a report called “7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding to Incorporate”. Get it here:

Andre is a serious real estate investor; hence he has several mortgages in a corporation with Scotia Bank. He’s also a Stock Hacker. As you can tell from the accent, he’s an immigrant from Brazil, and he’s passionate about sharing practical advice and his experience with anyone who will listen. 

As always, this show is about experience sharing. I get nothing in return from Andre nor Scotia for having him on the show.  Nothing we discuss today is financial advice. For professional financial advice, see a financial advisor 😊

Please enjoy the show!

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