The Millennial Retirement Plan: Seven Houses at Age 33 w Sarah Larbi

Hello Everyone with Real Estate Investments!!

We are BAAACKKK!  And we survived FOUR days and three nights in Las Vegas!!! LOL

I have a group of real estate buddies I hang out with for several reasons. We all like to have fun, we have flexible work schedules to meet during the week so we can reserve weekends for work and family, and most importantly, we love to talk business and real estate. Business and pleasure wrapped into one, dropped in the middle of the Las Vegas strip for some masterminding and fun.
The masterminding could have been better, as it took a back seat to the fun! HA!  The initial plan was to block off six hours, allotting 30 mins for each member to share their 2017 accomplishments and 2018 goals.  Unfortunately, like the vodka we were drinking, those 30 minutes were distilled down to 5-6 minutes each. That was all the time we had to spare. Those who presented first enjoyed a more sober audience…
We hit a club, gambled, ate many great $15 steaks, saw O: the Cirque de Soleil show, shot some automatic machine guns, raced some exotic cars (mine was a Lamborghini Huracan), zip lined the length of Freemont St., rode ATV’s in the Nevada desert, dined at the Heart Attack Grill, we fought zombies in a live urban warfare simulation, enjoyed a libation or twenty, etc… what we didn’t do was sleep much, so I personally slept about 25 of the next 48 hours when we got home.

On the Left, that’s ‘Doc’ and ex Green Beret, who has fought terrorists, and our guide through the zombie apocalypse. To quote Doc, “I’ve never seen a group shoot each other so much!” HAHAHA #friendlyfire


It all started with WestJet announcing direct flights to Las Vegas from Hamilton Airport and our return flight was only $300. We then price shopped everything and Groupon’d almost of the activities.
The real estate investor in me enjoyed touring through the hotels, thinking how grateful I was other gamblers were paying for me to enjoy the beautiful casinos, as my gambling losses only totaled $15.  I don’t gamble. I mean, it’s fun, but I’m more interested in earning returns like investing in real estate.
The trip was epic. We shared a ton of laughs and it was a very, very memorable trip. I can’t recommend Hamilton Airport enough, and I thought our hotel New York, New York was great for our frugal purposes.
On to this week’s podcast!

The Millennial Retirement Plan: Seven Houses at Age 33 w/ Sarah Larbi

Sarah Larbi, is technically a millennial, but is a contradiction to the stereotypes as she’s always working at her job, portfolio or self development AND she doesn’t have any social media accounts. She’s a long term buy and hold investor,  focusing on cash flowing properties and buying under-market-value whenever possible. She has done this by being a market expert in one specific area; Brantford Ontario, and building a solid team of qualified professionals around her.

Sarah is also the co-founder of the SO REIT Club which holds monthly networking and real estate education meetings for investors. Sarah was also featured on the cover of the Toronto Star in June 2017 for being a young millennial building a portfolio of properties through hard work, dedication and commitment without the help of parents or relatives.
Show notes:
REIN’s ACRE (Erwin’s $300 discount code ERWINSGUEST):
Brantford Paralegal Wenda Allicock:
Sarah’s website: and email
Till next time, Just do it, I believe in you.
Hamilton, St. Catharines, Toronto Real Estate, Land Development Investor
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