Investing in Insurance To Buy More Real Estate With Jayson Lowe

Yay! Things are opening up!

Vaccination rates are climbing, and over 60% of adults in Ontario have had their first shot. So at least that part is on pace to allow for Step 1 of 3 – the reopening of the economy and normal life.

I saw BC’s roadmap has September 7th as the final step for reopening, so the end of the pandemic has never been so visible.

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Also reopening for us is date night. LOL.

Cherry and I, many times, had committed to a once per week date night… But the most recent lockdown gave us an excuse not to continue that tradition. But we’re back on track… this week at least, as we spent Victoria Day evening together playing golf. 

We had a great day enjoying the outdoors with great weather, and she beat me again!  

Even though I can hit the ball a lot farther than Cherry, there is little to negative benefit of hitting a ball further out of bounds or into a pond.  

This is only my second year playing golf, so I’ll endeavour to improve with planned weekly lessons plus golfing once or twice per week.  

The summer is looking promising!!

To me, it’s always fun to challenge yourself outside of business and investing and learn a new skill. 

Observing how to learn a new skill helps us share and educate others on how to invest, whether in real estate, stock hacking, or whole life insurance… which is the subject of today’s episode!

Investing in Insurance To Buy More Real Estate With Jayson Lowe

Today we have my friend Jayson Lowe of Ascendant Financial, who is kind enough to provide Cherry and me whole life insurance.

If you never heard of whole life insurance and how it fits into the Infinite Banking Concept, that’s ok.

Like learning how to invest in real estate, it wasn’t anyone’s job to teach you. For me, I only got interested when several of my wealthy real estate investor friends shared how whole life insurance was their path to more mortgages. 

There is a right and wrong way to invest. I know quite a few who did it wrong, so I’m glad to have Jayson, a real estate investor and private lender, explain this strategy in detail.

Enjoy the show!

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