How To Small Scale Develop A Property Using Free Land With the Infill Boys: Andy, Charles & Steve

Have you heard of Covid 15?  That’s the 15 pounds you gain during the pandemic, lol!

Now that it’s shorts weather, like a true Canadian, if the temperature is above 20 degrees celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit to you Americans listening), I throw on shorts.

But, small problem, my 33-inch waist shorts are a bit snug.  

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I was all excited when I bought these 33” shorts because 32” is too tight, 34” and I need a belt. 33” was just right till I gained these extra pounds over the winter.

So what would you do? Make lifestyle changes or buy new shorts? 

Personally, I’m cheap, so I’m going with dieting.  Fasting is more the proper term. What’s worked for me in the past is to only consume few healthy fats in the morning with my coffee, specifically about a tablespoon each of grass-fed butter and organic coconut oil, then I won’t eat until lunchtime.  

At lunch, I’ll eat a pretty big meal and avoid bread, which tends to make me bloated.

When I get home, I’ll ride my indoor Peloton bike for 20-30 mins. My goal is to burn 500 calories a day, clean up, then have dinner with the family.

This is what works for me; I’ve done it before under the guidance of my naturopath, Dr. Cowan. 

I’ve already dropped five pounds and am looking to drop another five pounds before the lockdown ends to lose the dad bod.  Only then will we invite guests to visit and hang by our pool at the new house 🙂

How To Small Scale Develop A Property Using Free Land With the Infill Boys: Andy, Charles & Steve

On to this week’s show! 

Before I introduce the guys, we are quickly approaching our two hundredth episode, and I want to thank all 16-17 of you listeners for being a part of this journey with us. 

This all started as a weekly blog in 2010 (and it’s still going), then we started this podcast in 2016 to discuss the realities and learning lessons of real estate investing.

Including how not to lose money, which is a great segway into next month’s iWIN Meeting on Saturday morning, June 12th. 

Our team will be sharing what to look for from a wholesale deal and the top 5 questions to ask a wholesaler.  We too receive emails from wholesalers, and as this is an unregulated market… well… some of these wholesalers are pitching what they consider “deals” while wearing rose-coloured glasses.

Don’t be a sucker and overpay for a lemon. Join our iWIN meeting and stay for the 2nd presentation on building a backyard suite in Brantford, one of the more affordable and newest markets to allow the backyard suite strategy.  Friend of iWIN, Andy Tran, will be in the house to share the latest on his own investment property.

Speaking of Andy, he’s one of three real estate experts on the show: Andy Tran, Charles Wah, and Steve Ford. What a special treat!!

We discussed where to find ideal properties, financing, construction financing, who you need on your team, soft costs, how developing property unlocks hidden equity, whether to hire a general contractor or not. We cover tons of tips and pitfalls to avoid.

It’s a pretty awesome episode, if I say so myself.

I’ve done a considerable amount of business with Andy, Charles and Steve and can safely say they’re good people.

Please enjoy the show!

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