Interview with Don R Campbell – Part 2

Welcome to another episode of the Truth About Real Estate Investing, where it is my job to bring you lessons from the streets, education on all things real estate investing, inspiration, and maybe some entertainment.

This week we have a very special guest, a multiple time best selling author, the best selling Canadian real estate author in history – but he doesn’t just write! He knows what he’s talking about. Don is a veteran investor, a teacher, a philanthropist, market analyst, and in his free time, Don pursues his passion which is organic farming – and not just plants, livestock too.

Don has spoken to tens of thousands of people on stages all over North America, Australia, and Ireland, sharing his analysis, his strategies and his life philosophies. When the national media: CBC, BNN, CTV, Global News, Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Sun Media, etc… wants an unbiased comment on the real estate market, they go to Don in his role as Senior Analyst of the Real Estate Investment Network, a company that has provided detailed forecasts and analysis of housing markets across Canada for over 24 years.

Today, my goal is to build upon the interview we did 12 months ago (episode 2). I suggest you listen to it if you haven’t already. Today we dig more into economics, more specifically about the craziness going on in our major markets, what’s causing it, the one book we all need to read (and no, it wasn’t written by Don), and what it was like investing in the 80’s when interest rates were in the double digits and climbing. We also get deeper into Don’s story, to drag out some tips and strategies you may not have heard before. You’ll find this a fast-paced discussion, so I suggest you get your notepad ready. Without further ado, let me welcome Don Campbell to the podcast:

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