How a New Investor Acquired Five Duplexes in Six Months

Hello ladies and gentlemen investors from across Canada, welcome to another episode of the truth about real estate investing, where it is my pleasure to bring to you investor stories to educate, inspire and maybe even entertain. This week we have a guest referred by a friend of the show in Amy Halpenny. She’s new to real estate investing, but she shot out of a cannon. She acquired five properties in just over six months in Collingwood and the Durham Region, converting each of them to add secondary suites, for a total of ten units.

On-the-job Amy combines strategic ‘big picture’ thinking with well-honed management skills, operational know-how, and a relentless persistence to “get ‘er done.”

Before getting into real estate, Amy worked in small business and start-ups for over 15 years in strategy, sales, marketing and operations.

In this interview we talk about Amy’s reasons for investing, the courses she took, and how they helped. She also discusses how her investing strategy will insulate her from market corrections.

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