Buy Apartment Building, Fix, Rent, Ski, Repeat

Kevin started investing in 2007 with a vacant, run down six-plex that he purchased with no money down. Now a full time investor, Kevin continues to fix up and rent multi-family properties, as well as flipping single family homes. If you know Kevin, you’ll know he has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge, hence he decided to start LifeStyle Housing Radio, a weekly radio show and podcast for real estate investors. That’s not all! Kevin, being from Thunder Bay, hasn’t always been able to attend all the great real estate events in the GTA, so he started the LifeStyle Housing Summit to make great real estate education available to everyone – no matter where they live. When he’s not working on a property, Kevin is skiing and coaching at the local ski resort and for the Lakehead varsity ski team.

In case you haven’t heard Kevin’s LifeStyle Housing Radio show, I’m going to play for you Kevin’s very original radio show introduction. Without further ado, I give you: Kevin Bunzeluk.

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Kevin created a special offer for listeners of my show!

When you sign up at you will get:
– Kevin’s ebook, ‘The Ultimate Tenant Screening Guide’
– A few of the presentations from the life style housing summit
– 20% off the LifeStyle Housing Summit all access pass

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