From Homeless in Ottawa to Mr. Ottawa w. Tony Miller

Hello Real Estate Investors!!
Thank everyone for the birthday wishes!!
It’s been over a week of celebrations: Raptors basketball game, Leafs vs Montreal game, dinner and party at Dave & Busters with my real estate team, the 5th and final workout of the Crossfit Open, and finally, my favourite time of the year, the Hamilton Basket Brigade Easter edition who delivered 350 Easter dinners this past Saturday.

Clockwise: Hand Stand Push Ups, Dave & Busters, Hamilton Basket Brigade, what 39 looks like.

The Hamilton Basket Brigade is a registered charity I co-founded, and serve as the President for, where my role is mainly fundraising, Marketing and Communications.  The charity itself, it’s mandate is to provide poverty relief and, since 2014, we have delivered over 2,000 holiday dinners to families at risk of going hungry. I would like to thank all of our volunteers, our board of governors, our top four donors, Scott Dillingham of CIBC, Empipe Solutions, Matt Green and our very own James T Maggs of Titan Investment Real Estate.
For Thanksgiving’s Basket Brigade, we will be shaking things up to provide more for fewer families. We hope to maintain the same budget if the donations keep coming, but for 50-60 extremely less fortunate families. We at the Basket Brigade hope to go beyond a meal, and fulfill wish lists of whatever the families need. Winter coats, socks, boots, school supplies, light bulbs, etc. Maybe some toys for the kids again. Our volunteers will be meeting the families, but this time to unbox some gifts.
I personally can not wait to see the faces of the kids for what I look forward to as the greatest volunteer experience, as the Basket Brigade has been for me. Just please someone bring the kleenex 😀

From Homeless in Ottawa to Mr. Ottawa w/ Tony Miller

Tony is many things; a father, husband, real estate investor, and real estate agent. Not just any real estate agent, but rather the preferred agent for Ottawa by both Keyspire and the Real Estate Investment Network.
He has also been homeless and lived on the streets of Ottawa when he was a teenager, but turned it around. He had a long stint working for the Government of Canada, with great pay and one of those wonderful defined benefit pensions we all envy. But don’t forget, you have to trade a good portion of your life for that guaranteed money. The wasn’t good enough for Tony, who decided to leave the steady job and pension to purse real estate as a full time endeavor.
Tony and I discuss his recent solo week-long vacation, how the market is fairing in Ottawa, Ontario and his recommended investment strategies. So without further ado, I give you Tony Mr Ottawa Miller.
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Until next time, Just do it, I believe in you.
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