Hello Real Estate Investors!!
I’m on another health/diet experiment 😛
This month I’m testing out time restricted eating (TRE) thanks to my bleeding edge doctor, Dr Cowan. To improve my digestion I am restricting my eating to when I normally eat breakfast, 7:30am for a 12 hour window ending at 7:30 at night. I’m not trying to lose weight though, just improve my energy and improve my digestion (apparently all high level athletes have elite level digestion, it’s how Michael Phelps could eat McDonalds and still collect Gold Medals).
Women’s Health Magazine has an article on TRE here:

Supporting Locke St and Donut Monster post ANTIFA Vandalism

I’m also going to intermittent fast. I have a couple friends who had success fasting in the morning by just having a Bullet Proof coffee (organic coffee with grass fed butter and organic coconut oil, that’s how I take it at least) and I’ve been successful testing this out. It’s now one week of this new diet and my digestion has never been better.

Science? Hardly, but I’m all about testing and results. Am I perfect? No, I’ve cheated a couple times. I ate my kids’ half eaten breakfasts and had some late night donuts 😃 Am I hungry? I’m not bad actually, and haven’t changed anything else with how I eat, but I definitely eat a big lunch.

Hacking Your Personality for Success

Understanding your personality is essential to success and will advance your business and career.  That is why we invited Leadership Coach and Consultant with 20 year experience as a Corporate Leader and Executive, Lisa Mitchell, on the show to explain the types of personalities, the preferences for each personality, and the areas to develop for improvement.
If possible, I would suggest you pause this episode and if you’ve never done a personality test before, go to and complete the personality test. The results are almost instant, have a read then continue to listen to my discussion with Lisa.
Lisa is also a Real Estate Investor along with her home inspector husband, Rob Chaine, (who happen to have opposite personalities) of Blue Door Home Services.  They own several properties in St. Catharine’s, all with legal basement suites.
To Listen:
To Follow Lisa:
contact info:   or 647-988-4003
Until next time, Just do it, I believe in you.
Hamilton, St. Catharines, Toronto, Land Development and Real Estate Investor
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