I Quit! Trading Security for Independence With Cash Flow Investing and Mindset – Rene Masse

Mission Accomplished!

300 families received Thanksgiving dinners!!

I don’t know how we did it! Actually, I do. The collective efforts of all wonderful people from the Hamilton Basket Brigade, including many of you readers and listeners and clients, who we consider our friends. Though we investors are often attacked in the media and by the government, real estate investors are generous people accounting for over 90% of our donations, so please keep being YOU. I just loved the smiling faces of both the volunteers and the recipients, greeting us with faces of surprise and gratitude. I am truly thankful for friends like you who pull this event together to make a difference, however small, to families in need.

Super Excited to Have the Mayor Volunteer to Help Out

Here is just some of the feedback we collected:

“Our family was one of the lucky groups to receive this generous basket!!!! I was in complete shock and cried after they left. I’m so grateful and will definitely be paying it forward. Thank u!!!!”

“I think my sister’s friend received one of those baskets you were talking about. I don’t know who put her name forward, but you should know that Barney is off with a cancer diagnosis and Betty is really struggling to support the family on just her income [not their real names]. I know that she was extremely grateful for the Thanksgiving dinner provided to her by strangers. Keep doing what you’re doing as it is helping so many within our community.”
Like being a landlord, operating a charity is not always easy. This week, I’m shelling out another $600 to repair a furnace on a vacant property that isn’t bringing in any rent. However, the experiences from the charity are a reminder of how petty my problems are compared to those who don’t have their health and struggle to put food on the table for their family. Again for Xmas, the Hamilton Basket Brigade will do our part, however small, to provide another 300 Christmas dinners to those without.  And I will personally deliver a Christmas basket to Barney and Betty, along with toys for each of their three children. Struggling financially is one thing, but for a child the thought of losing a parent suffering through cancer is another. Maybe we can give them at least a reprieve from reality for just one night. We will be the change come December 23rd. You can help too, by volunteering/donating here: https://www.hamiltonbasketbrigade.com/. We are capping volunteers to the first 100, in an effort to respect everyone’s time.

I Quit! Trading Security for Independence With Cash Flow Investing and Mindset – Rene Masse

This week I’m excited to bring to you, all the way from Kingston, Ontario, Rene Masse. Rene has been working with tenants for over 20 years, as he grew up sharing space with tenants in his home. Rene has invested for 10 years, having reached the significant milestone of earning $5,000 cash flow per month after six years. He did so investing only $14,000 of his own money!  That is a pretty good return on investment, considering Rene quit his teaching job after just three months, giving up the steady paycheque, summers off, pension and job security for the entrepreneurial life. This is after years of University and Teacher’s College at Queen’s University and graduating with debt!!
Rene definitely has no interest in being average, and is truly living life to his fullest, as you’ll see from the interview which went no where near what I expected. Rene also produces a series of entertaining and educational videos on the subject of real estate investing and he has extensive experience in hiring university students to work in his business and video production. He’ll share how he does it! So without further ado, I present to you, Rene Masse

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Till next time, just do it and I believe in you!


Hamilton, St. Catharines, Toronto Real Estate Investor


How a Failing Student Became a Multi-Millionaire w. Roger Auger

Hello Real Estate Investors!
Last Thursday, I had the honour of representing the HamiltonBasketBrigade.com on Cable 14’s “City Matters” to share our story of humble beginnings of plans for Roger Auger and I to deliver groceries for a Christmas dinner for three families each and now we’ve grown with YOUR HELP to provide for 300 families in need this Saturday!!
The fear of public speaking will make the top 10 list of fears for the average person and often ranks higher ahead of the fear of death.  I can relate as I still vividly remember the terror I felt having to give a 3-5 minute speech in front of my classmates in Grade 3 and then again once each year which was easily my least favourite part of school.  The feeling of dread, sweating profusely, the feeling of an expanding mass in my gut we all nicely refer to as “butterflies in the stomach” but in reality it feels more like an angry pack of dogs in the stomach… Having somewhat matured as adults doesn’t mean fears go away.  Hanging Christmas lights from my roof still scares the crap out of me but we do it anyways while putting on a brave face for my kids.  Same with my fear of public speaking.
I’ve never done live TV before so it was a nerve wracking experience but it felt easier with no audience, all of the production crew were outside the studio room so it felt more like a conversation between the host Doug Farraway and I. Doug is an excellent host and is active in community charities so we had much in common to discuss. The takeaway I do want to share is we are all afraid, I fear I overpaid for EVERY property I’ve ever bought, I fear we will fail in our mandate to help the poor but the greater good outweighs my fears hence we do it afraid anyways.

 This week I’m excited to bring to you my friend and client Roger Auger who grew up in a poor and less than ideal household in a bad part of town.  From an early age, Roger learned he had to hustle to make money to pay his parents’ mortgage because what else should a 13 year old be doing. But he struggled in school and resorted to blackmailing his high school teachers to allow him to graduate or endure another year him back.  Roger tried college but that didn’t work out but he never stopped working hard to earn enough to buy investment property.  Now at 13 properties, he’s done quite well for himself amassing considerably more wealth than many people I know with Masters degrees and on top of that, he has a heart of gold as Roger is the co-founder of the HamiltonBasketBrigade.com, wait till you hear the story about him and son Josh delivering Christmas dinners.  So without further ado, I give your Roger Auger
Email: roger@augerproperties.ca
Sorry for the interruption during the introduction, that was my daughter bursting into my office to inform me the electricians were finished installing our new hot tub.  A new hot tub paid for by one of our investment properties.  That is the dream after all, to have your assets pay for your liabilities.  If you enjoyed the show, please click subscribe and I really appreciate 5 star reviews on iTunes.  I read every comment and and grateful for all the fans of the show, thank you for the kind words from everyone who has left reviews or emailed me. If you’d like new episodes delivered to your email as soon as they are available, simply go to http://www.truthaboutrealestateinvesting.ca/ and type in your email address. Till next time. Just do it! And I believe in you.

Creating a Pension in 4 Years vs 40 Years

Hello Investors!!

While behind the scenes, we had some bumps along the way but we couldn’t be happier with the result of the inaugural Halton Real Estate Investors Group meeting this past Saturday. Even the weather wanted to compete with us for attendees with the sunny skies and 30+ degree weather yet almost 80, fully caffeinated, keen and alert real estate investors packed our room at Sheridan College and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support.

halton real estate investing class




Keynote speaker Donato Cascioli shared some very personal stories on how he overcame adversity as a poor student and college drop out to become the highly successful land developer that he is today. For the last three weeks, I’ve been updating my vision board. I’m collecting images of stuffs using the Google, using a collage app on my mac called CollageIt 3, then I’ll put it on USB to print at Staples and laminate to put on my wall near my bed so I see it before bed and when I wake. This was a tip I picked up from Daymond John of Shark Tank. If you heard how powerful goal setting was for Donato than I’m sure you’re doing the same.

Thank you everyone for the feedback, I read it all and am grateful to for the friends and team members who presented on Saturday. One attendee emailed me this morning, “I really enjoyed the Halton REI club meeting this weekend. So much amazing info. I’m also an avid listener and fan of the podcast. Great job! I love your market and economics based approach.”

Thank to Coaches Tim and Erika for sharing whats happening in target investment markets from Mississauga to Niagara. Thank you to our sponsors Auger Properties and Alan Lo of Pinnacle Wealth Brokers.

Creating a Pension in 4 Years vs 40 Years

This week I’m excited to bring to you my friend and client Kaush Nanubhai (pronounced Koh-shh Na-new-bye) who started off buying condos in downtown Toronto as a young professional Accountant as he described buying a condo better use of his disposable income than drinking and partying.  Many years later and having bigger goals in mind including more income and improved lifestyle, he’s now built himself a sizeable portfolio now at 11 investment properties, acquiring eight of them in the last four years with plans and joint venture partners for many more.  Learn about what Kaush wishes he could go back and do over, what drives an already successful professional like Kaush to do even more, how he’s created more time for what’s important, time with family and taking care of his health.  Kaush invests in student rentals and legal basement suites in Hamilton, St Catharines, Welland, and Niagara On the Lake.
Links to stuffs mentioned
Action Taker Program: https://durhamrei.com/coaching/ (I’ve checked with Quentin, he has room for one so if you need an introduction please let me know)
Halton REI (Erwin’s networking group) www.HaltonREI.ca

To get in touch with Kaush, email is best: knanubhai@gmail.com

I’d like to say thanks again to Kaush for taking time out of his busy schedule to hang out and talk to us, and to welcome you all back from the summer (the season, not the weather).  If you enjoyed the show, please let me know and I really appreciate 5 star reviews on iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher.  I read every comment and and grateful for all the fans of the show, thank you for the kind words who have already posted. If you’d like to be notified of new episodes in your email, simply go to http://www.truthaboutrealestateinvesting.ca/ and type in your email address.

Till next time. Just do it! And I believe in you.

~Erwin Szeto

Real Estate Developer Charles Wah Update

Hello Real Estate Investors!

Clockwise from Top left: Akon inviting the ladies to dance on stage, Danielle Laporte, Lewis Howes, Naveen Jain, Simon Sinek, Jason Gaignard of Mastermind Talks and I, Daymond John, Nicole Arbour

What a great weekend at the Archangel Summit!! They describe themselves as “An annual gathering of mission-driven entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals who want to do well by doing good. 100% of the proceeds will be gifted forward to The Archangel Fund, which is used to provide micro-loans and donations to entrepreneurs and charities making the world a better place.” A business conference with a conscience.

Basically, it was a conference with speakers who help entrepreneurs and they have a social conscience. In my (Erwin) own small way, I try to do the same by giving back to the community (by the way, HamiltonBasketBrigade.com is in action again Oct 7th, delivery 300 Thanksgiving dinners to the poor). Keynote speakers include Daymond John, you know him from the TV Reality Show “Shark Tank,” and founder of the clothing brand FUBU (if you or your kids like hip hop, you know the brand); best selling author Simon Sinek, recording artist Akon, Danielle Laporte who Oprah is big fan of. Anyways, the Sony Centre was packed with 2,000 like minded folks, entrepreneurs who want to change the world for the better. After a summer of vacation, enjoying the family, letting my restrictive diet slip a bit… it’s summer, I see ice cream, I eat ice cream; same goes with burgers on a bun :). Archangel was the perfect ra ra event to get fired up again to close out 2017 on a high! On our latest podcast episode, Charles Wah and I recount our takeaways from Archangel 2017 and if you enjoy these types of events, then you’ll want to have a listen.

This week I’m excited to bring to you the return of Charles Wah, you might remember him from our land development interview six months ago and he’s fresh off the set of Scott McGilvray’s newest show to give you all an update on his land development projects and the new investments and building development projects he has on the go.  We’ll take a sneak peak at the behind the scenes of HGTV’s biggest star, how Charles spends his off time, and we will share our thought’s and lessons from the phenomenal Archangel Summit. It was so good, we already purchased our VIP tickets for the Archangel Summit in September 2018.  You want to know WHY this super successful and very young investor does what he does? Then have a listen….
Want to meet Charles and The Most Successful Investor I know?
Then register for the Halton Real Estate Investors Group Meeting Sept 23rd, Sheridan College Conference Centre here: http://www.haltonrei.ca/event-schedule/

The Most Successful Investor I Know

Hello Real Estate Investor!!

Top of Grouse Mountain Post Grouse Grind

I hope you had a great summer!  My wife and I just returned from a week in Vancouver and had an excellent time.  We can see why Vancouver is consistently the most livable city in Canada with the city nestled in between ocean and mountains and rainforests and underrated beaches. Outdoor adventures are aplenty but what isn’t aplenty is real estate to keep up with the demand. As any real estate investor, we couldn’t help but browse Realtor.ca for what local properties were asking for and Vancouver does not disappoint as the least affordable city in Canada.  The AirBnb where we stayed, similar apartments were asking around $1,000 per square foot for a building downtown but was built in 1982, no air conditioning by the way and only electric baseboard heating.  Houses, they cost just a bit more than the areas we invest.  A house listed for $400,000 in Kitchener is priced low but safe to say it will sell for less than $500,000.  The same house in Burnaby, just east of downtown was asking $1,300,000.  Needless to say we will continue to use short term housing like hotels and AirBnb when visiting Vancouver vs. purchasing a vacation property 😃.  If we even want to move there, we will definitely need to invest more in order to afford it.

I’m working on a longer form write up of my trip to Vancouver should any of you be planning a trip there so you can learn from my lessons and have an even more enjoyable trip than I did because if you haven’t been, add it to your bucket list.  Vancouver is now my favourite city in Canada after having visited Halifax, St. John, Montreal, Mont Tremblant, Calgary (Banff and Jasper), and now Vancouver.  I recommend you start from the East and work your way West as it’s less expensive in the East and so you’re not underwhelmed.

The Most Successful Investor I Know is The Inaugural Halton REI’s Keynote Speaker

I am very happy to announce our Keynote Speaker for the inaugural Halton REI has confirmed, he is one of the longest time investors I know who started in 1991, so he’s personally invested during several housing cycles and he will have lessons on how to survive and thrive in all markets. He also happens to be one of the most successful real estate investors I know so you don’t want to miss out on Donato Cascioli’s presentation.  Don is a serial entrepreneur who may not have made it on Dragon’s Den, well he was on the show, did not receive an offer but if he was offering his real estate investment opportunities, the Dragons would have stepped on each other to give him money.

Kevin O’Leary Trying On Donato’s Cell Phone Carrier on Dragon’s Den

You don’t want to miss Donato’s story of humble beginnings to real estate success at the inaugural HaltonREI.ca meeting September 23rd at our new location at Sheridan College Conference Centre. Same time, same great content and networking as the Mr Hamilton Inner Circle Meetings, it’s just a new name. You do have to RSVP by clicking here to pay in advance and receive the parking code for the closest available parking lot. For privacy reasons, we cannot share the code publicly.  Do come early for the networking and sponsored refreshments provided by Auger Properties.
Donato will be a future guest on the TruthAboutRealEstateInvesting.ca podcast but for privacy reasons, some of his live presentation will be omitted so you do not want to miss out on his uncensored presentation at HaltonREI.ca’s inaugural meeting.
As always the meeting will include an economic update including this week’s announced interest rate increase, market updates on both real estate prices and rents.
Hope to see you all September 23rd!!

Inaugural Halton Real Estate Investors Group Meeting

Hello Real Estate Investors!

Who wants to golf?! Not me. Swinging golf clubs is tough on my shoulders as it’s repetitive, I swing way too hard, and I have no technique. It all started when John from podcast episode 6-years-part-time-and-600k-in-returns reached out asking if I wanted to golf and I responded, let’s do something fun instead. The somewhat local gun club (Silverdale Gun Club) had a special on a sniper rifle package and that’s what we did on a Friday afternoon at the gun club. We shot a couple rounds with an AR15, SKS, Remington 700, and the big daddy of them all, BMG 50 which weighed in at 34 lbs and each additional bullet would cost us $15 per. Don’t worry if the gun names mean nothing to you. I have no idea either, this was only my third time ever holding a gun in five years…. Our instructor Eric was patient and excellent and the gang agreed, it was better than playing 18 holes. We all had fun but make no mistake, the afternoon was a productive one because everyone one in attendance is an active investor with numerous properties and leaders in their fields. When you spend time with like minded people, you are guaranteed success. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

There is nothing wrong with having fun but if you can, make it a mastermind with successful folks. Talk to your Accountant too because maybe the costs are tax deductible

Speaking of masterminds…

Inaugural Halton Real Estate Investors Group Meeting

Short version:
All is the same, in our pursuit of cash flowing properties we expanded beyond Hamilton years ago and a brand change was necessary. Think of this as Microsoft Word’s “find and replace” of the words “Mr Hamilton” and replace with “Halton REI.” The same award winning service and same people but we are adding some more exceptional talent to the team.

Long version:
When I first started investing, we were breaking even on single family homes near downtown Burlington. The first property was just over $150,000 for a 2 bed, 1 bath bungalow in the downtown core of Burlington, which later became a high in demand area forcing prices up. The second property was in a bit better condition on the same street but $235,000 with not much better rents. Rents went up but did not keep pace with prices. We then directed our focus to the west in Waterdown, one of the more affluent areas of Hamilton and the same happened, real estate prices went up faster than rents then I looked to the west again to invest in west Hamilton. In 2012, again I went west and purchased several properties in St. Catharines. 2013, we purchased two investment properties in Brantford, 2014-17 I purchased more properties in Hamilton. As an investor, our objective is positive cash flow in area with strong economic fundamentals. Today, our team of real estate coaches/agents do so much business in St. Catharines and Niagara region that we often acquire more houses there than Hamilton as Hamilton prices have risen over 20% each year for the last three years. Our pursuit of cash flow has expanded our search for income properties to Brantford and Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge. Many of you know we conduct business outside of Hamilton as you have seen the invites for Street Smart Tours of St. Catharines, Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, on top of Hamilton hence it is time for a change in brand from Mr. Hamilton (MrHamilton.ca) to the Halton Real Estate Investors Group (HaltonREI.ca). The name, branding and colours may be different but you can expect the same award winning service and same people lead by me (Erwin) but we are adding some more exceptional talent to the team and will make announcements when official.

We are also moving our meetings to a new location: we’ve out grown the Rock Star Office’s training room, though we loved the price and convenience, we could use more space for comfort and to allow more attendees as in the past, we’ve had to wait list and turn away people.  We want everyone to have a chance at financial freedom so we are relocating to the Sheridan College’s Conference Centre located at 1410 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville, ON, just north of the QEW.

The room can accommodate 90 people so do feel free to invite your friends, co-workers, and family if they too are interested in financial security via real estate.

Stay tuned, we’re still working out details to make registering for the event on Sept 23rd as seamless as possible.

I can’t wait to see you all again September 23rd.


“Action is everything – everything else is commentary” ~ Erwin

Investment Real Estate Business Owner – MrHamilton.caInvestinStCatharines.ca
President – HamiltonBasketBrigade.com > this is what we do: https://youtu.be/7FiUYhJZhg0
Real Estate Salesperson – Rock Star Real Estate Inc, Brokerage


How a Single Dad Refinanced His Home for Multiple Down Payments

Hello investors! I hope you’re enjoying the summer weather!! Sadly the summers are so short, all I can think about is how little summer this is left.

To enjoy the summer sun and as usual, combining things I enjoy: excitement, entrepreneurship, real estate, great company, I’ve been organizing get togethers with like minded, successful people.  We had more events before kids and had gotten away with it but in my endeavor for self development and better networking opportunities, I restarted my “Hambundance” group. Hambundance is a word mash between Hamilton and abundance. It’s silly I know but it makes me laugh.

This week we rented power boats from the Harbour Front Center in Toronto, raced around the harbor, and trolled through Toronto Island for three hours.  It was a blast, I posted more picture and video on my facebook.com/erwinszeto.  After, we had lunch at the Amersterdam Brew House on the patio for more networking where I selfishly picked certified professional coach Ryan Hindmarsh’s brain on leadership.  As 2pm approached, the rule of Toronto is to get the heck out of town or forever be trapped in its traffic jam.  My car pool group combined owns over 30 properties so you bet the conversation was productive and the car radio stayed off.

This week I’m excited to bring to you Nick Ditomaso, he’s been investing for less than three years after 20 something years of sitting on the sidelines.  Even as a single dad, he’s been super successful with just a few well selected investment properties and with the proceeds of just one property, Nick is paying off his mom’s car loan, paying for his son’s wedding, donating to charity, and still has sufficient capital for a down payment or two for more investment properties.  Nick’s claim to fame is his ability to refinance his own home for multiple down payments, he almost did it THREE times within 12 months and successfully achieved above market appraisals each time.  Listen in on his tips on how he did it, plus, his advice on books to read and clubs to join.

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Recommendations by Nick:

Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System by Don R Campbell



Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle: An Investor’s Guide



The Property Management Toolbox: A How-To Guide for Ontario Real Estate Investors and Landlords



Rock Star Real Estate Membership



Real Estate Investment Network (REIN, pronounced rain)



Annual ACRE (Accredited Canadian Real Estate) Systems.


I usually have a discount code closer to the Toronto event each year.


“Erwin’s Group” Halton Real Estate Investors Group



Tenant Location Services in Hamilton, Crystal Ross



So Reit Club



Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma


Nick On Twitter


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If you would like to start out on your investing journey, be supported by a team of investor specialists and be successful like Nick, do join us at a future Haltonrei.ca event.  Go to HaltonREI.ca to register or if you’d like to get started immediately in building your wealth, fill out the contact form at HaltonREI.ca/contact.  Event space is limited as we always have waitlists so avoid disappointment by registering as soon as possible and I look forward to seeing you there.  Thank you for listening, this is Erwin Szeto of the Truth About Real Estate Investing show and I’ll talk to you soon.

More Tax For Us Investors

I am super proud of my little cousin Christopher, here I am wearing his Timmy’s visor.  He’s not really little anymore as he just turned 17 but he did get a summer job at Tim Hortons. He’s still in training but the plan is he’ll keep working when he’s back to school to save up money for a car.  Christopher is crazy passionate about all vehicles: tanks, planes, trains, cars, bikes. I seriously ask for his advice when buying cars but I have to temper his preferences as he seems to think I operate without a budget.  I don’t need a BMW M3 or M5, I don’t care about the extra 2-300 horsepower, I care about my monthly payments and how much of my lease is tax deductible

I’m proud because he’ll learn hard work, team work, and eventually, how much it sucks to work for minimum wage in the service industry to motivate him to something bigger and better.  I want the same for my kids as their lives are sheltered and privileged, nothing like our parents and grandparents and great grandparents.  Both my wife and I come from extremely hard working, impoverished families.  My wife’s family are farmers who work directly on the land.  My grandfather was a labourer and his brother worked on the Canadian railway.  All back breaking work.  My back gets sore if I sit or stand for too long

But I know for a fact we investors work hard to build our real estate business and like I want my kids to learn hard work, I’d like government employees and those who think raising taxes and costs (hydro, minimum wage) on small business should start their own small business.  Based on our governments own statistics, failure is high, “In 2013, the total number of SME births was 78,430, compared with 83,240 deaths, which resulted in a net decrease of 4,810 businesses.” source: https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/061.nsf/eng/h_03018.html#toc-04. Our Federal government promised us a balance budget, looks like raising taxes in the short term while hindering the growth of small business is the plan.  The same small business responsible for 8.2 million jobs in Canada (same source).

For anyone with a small to medium sized business including real estate investors who invest using corporations, you’re probably as disappointed as I am in Minister Morneau’s proposed changes to the tax benefits we small business work so hard to earn.  Here’s a great one line summary of the proposal: “income taxes are highly unfavourable to business owners and investors who, unlike consumers, pay tax twice: once when they earn their income and a second time after they invest it and pay taxes on the returns.” “These measures, contrary to much of the news coverage, aren’t just targeted at the “rich” but will also hit middle-class business owners, are expected to increase federal taxes by $250 million, and provincial revenues by roughly another half of that. This is just one more way to discourage entrepreneurship, on top of all the tax increases in the past two years. If the Republicans’ plan for tax reform happens in the U.S., even more young entrepreneurs will be looking to head south instead of here.“

source: http://business.financialpost.com/opinion/jack-mintz-morneaus-tax-changes-wont-just-hurt-the-rich-but-they-will-hurt-growth/wcm/ba296d67-6ba5-4866-969b-2a0c81541844

With these proposed new taxes going on, I caught up with real estate Accountant Cherry Chan, chartered professional Accountant.  She’s also a mom, a small business owner with employees and a real estate investor with several properties so she’s no different than you and I accept she knows a bit about tax and accounting.

In this episode, Cherry will talk about how these changes are bad for your business and what you can do about it.

Without further ado, I present to you, real estate Accountant Cherry Chan.

For a more detailed summary on how what a real estate Accountant thinks of these changes, click here: http://realestatetaxtips.ca/tax-changes-entrepreneur/


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real estate accountant

Buying The First of Three Properties in 2017

This week, we’re doing something different, we do not have a guest but instead you’re stuck with me!  My plan is to buy three houses this year and we just locked up the first of three and I’d like to detail for you the lead up to the purchase, how the purchase went, and where we are going with it.  If the listeners enjoy this episode, I’ll make a series of updates on how I invest.

Just to let you know, we have a new website where we will be posting all new and old podcast episodes, show notes, contact info for our guests. The website is www.truthaboutrealestateinvesting.ca. Going forward, all our other websites will forward you to this website for simplicity.  If you’re a newer listener, I highly recommend you go back and listen to previous guests for lessons on investing and stories of inspiration.  Till next time, my name is Erwin Szeto, thank you for listening and happy real estate investing.

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If you would like to hear more about my back story, you can listen to Russell Westcott’s interview of me here: http://blog.reincanada.com/transitioning-into-full-time-real-estate

Announcing the Halton Real Estate Investors Club (coming soon: HaltonREI.ca)

If you’re from the Toronto area, especially west of the city and are interested in learning more about investing in real estate, I am happy to announce that coming soon is the Halton real estate investors club this September 2017. This will be the best place to rub elbows with successful real estate investors that can help you.  I know more self made millionaires through real estate than any other job or asset class so you’ll want to be part of the club. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. The Halton REI will be hosted by yours truly, Erwin aka “Mr. Hamilton” Szeto. I have been hosting networking meetings for over three years and we’re simply growing and making our wonderful group open to more investors so we may help more people. As always, we will host a guest speaker or two, provide economic updates and market updates on income property prices and rents, mortgage updates, lessons from the streets so you may learn tactics and strategies you can apply tomorrow to your own portfolio.


Who should attend? Anyone interested in learning more about investing in real estate

Why should you attend? If you’re like anyone I know you want to retire early, retire your wife or husband, pay for your kids University, support your favourite charities, the list goes on and on.


So stay tuned, I’ll update you all once we have complete details.

Massive Cash Flow in Small Town Investing with Elizabeth Kelly

This week we have an exceptional guest in Elizabeth Kelly, who has been investing for over 12 years and has built a large portfolio of buy, rent and hold investment properties with her husband. She co-founded a property management company based in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Elizabeth also runs a boutique Rent to Own company, which specializes in providing home ownership options for families.

On the business side, Elizabeth coaches and trains investors, and has done so for the last five years. While doing so she noticed a service gap in the mortgage industry for real estate investors, hence she obtained her mortgage license to specialize in helping investors plan, structure and creatively finance their real estate portfolio so they can enjoy their retirement and leave a legacy for their families.

To reach out and connect with Elizabeth:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SandstoneKL/https://www.facebook.com/Rent2HomeCanada/



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-kelly-549b6b1b/

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