Scaling Up From Single Family Houses to 150 Unit Buildings in the US, Hosting a MultiFam Conference w/ Seth Ferguson

What did you do for April Break (formerly known as March Break)?

For us, we’ve made as many plans as we could to stay in and around the home.

We got the kids new bikes a few months ago as a reward for doing great at school and, better yet, paid for by their grandfather :). We also opened the pool on the weekend, and it’s rained ever since, lol.

While pool opening is time consuming, my kids enjoy hanging out with me while I’m working on the pool, checking the pool chemistry, watching youtube videos to learn how to use the control panel and heater, and operating our brand new pool scrubbing robot.

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The robot and automation is something I wanted to highlight for my kids as it’s a common lesson I’ve come across in my journey working with investor clients…

Some were taught by their parents that one must work hard to achieve anything.

While this is largely true, I believe one must separate hard work using one’s hands vs. what can be outsourced or delegated to focus on higher value activities.

In the example of my pool scrubbing robot, the kids have assigned a pet name “Zobie,” Zobie will vacuum the pool without supervision for a couple of hours on a timer, so I don’t have to scrub and vacuum the pool.

This saves me more time to do more important stuff like hang out with the kids or ride my indoor Peloton bike or work on the business, record podcasts, etc.

It’s no different in my real estate business. I don’t unclog toilets, mow lawns, shovel snow, but I will if I absolutely have to.  I do still pick up garbage when I visit properties for my six month inspections.

I had to pick up garbage at my old house last week in the family minivan and take it to the dump; it was the day of closing, and that’s not the impression I wanted to give the new homeowners.

But the rest of the time, my team operates my investment properties, including architectural drawings, getting city permits, renovations and ongoing management.

If you’re like me and want to be invested in the #1 asset class in an area in high demand by tenants, you want to be on my email newsletter.

It’s completely free, and we’ll inform you of our free online real estate training classes, our free online top investment city and property tours, and my favourite, the iWIN Meetings, where you can connect with local, like minded investors and learn from experts from my team and guest speakers.

Our next iWin Meeting is Saturday Morning, May 15th, where Real Estate Accountant Cherry Chan, CA, CPA, will share about the Smith Maneuver and how to do it properly as many do not get this right.  The Smith Maneuver is the tax minimization strategy of making the interest on the monies borrowed from your home a tax deduction.

You don’t want to miss this presentation as many folks do not execute the Smith Maneuver properly, therefore not deducting as much as they can or getting in trouble with the CRA.

Go to, enter your name and email address on the right, and you’ll be informed about when we host all these great events.

iWIN meetings are publicly available and cost merely $20 for non-clients, for which 100% is donated to charity.  Win/win/win. You learn, you meet awesome people, as the cost to attend supports local kids in Hamilton getting shoes and warm clothing.  What more can you ask for.

Scaling Up From Single Family Houses to 150 Unit Buildings in the US, Hosting a MultiFam Conference w/ Seth Ferguson

On to this week’s show!

This week we have real estate influencer and multifamily/apartment building investor Seth Ferguson.

Seth shares lessons from his nightmare joint venture, his journey from local, small residential investor to apartment buildings in the 150 unit range in the US. The structure of these types of private equity investments and how even passive investors may participate.

Seth also shares his motivations for hosting a multi-family investor conference in 2022; you can find details at, and the discount code for friends of this show is iwin.

To my friends, please enjoy the show.

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