Opportunities for Small/Beginner R.E. Developers with Mike Collins-Williams

All you parents with kids in school get their mid-term progress reports? We got ours two weeks ago.

I got home before Cherry, so I opened the first report for my youngest son, Bruce, and I was pleasantly surprised. He received a grading of about 50/50 between good and excellent. I was surprised because his teacher is the same as my eldest Robin had last year.

My daughter Robin loves to learn, and she’s done well in all her in-school and after-school programming. Before we moved, her original grade 1 teacher said she was a top 2 student in her class. Her kickboxing is among the best in her age group. She’s also been invited to be the subject of the gym’s video training series. 


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Robin is swimming faster than kids 2-3 years older and a foot taller than her in the pool. On the first day of her lessons, her instructor walked right by her… He didn’t think such a small child would be in his class. But, after class, he shared how shocked he was by Robin’s swimming when I told him her age. She also reads a couple of library books each week, and now she’s doing division with remainders in her math.

Reading and Math have been excellent for both kids as we enrolled our kids in one-on-one tutoring. These sessions are 3x per week, and they have homework five days a week. 

It hasn’t come easy, they don’t always want to do homework, so there are a wee bit of raised voices at least once per week.

We want our kids to build habits… and learn that learning and self-development extend to outside school hours. And, in turn, outside the 9-5 workday when they grow up.

I believe people will gravitate towards whatever they are good at. So if the kids are good at school, they will enjoy school.

Anyways, back to the report cards… I opened Robin’s next, and my immediate reaction was disappointment. She was about 80/20, good to excellent.  This was well below the expectation of an Asian parent raising an overachiever.  

My first thought was what went wrong with my daughter? Then, what does this teacher know about my daughter?

A week later, we had our virtual parent-teacher meetings.

Again, Bruce’s teacher was the first to give a glowing review. Oh, I should mention my son is a bit goofy.  It’s unfair, but I often compare him to his sister. She’s an overachiever who loves to learn, read and has incredibly technical kickboxing.

At kickboxing grading before, after, and during, I coach my son to position himself, so he can always see what Robin is doing and copy her. His boxing is still sloppy: he stands with the wrong foot forward, doesn’t make fists, doesn’t look where he’s punching. You’d think it’s his first class, not someone with 18 months of training 3-4X per week.

My friend, a French teacher, shared with me how in his experience, young girls are great students. Young boys on the other hand are silly and cry when disciplined. I told him that’s exactly my son! LOL.

Back to parent/teacher interviews…

So Bruce is above my expectations, then it’s Robin’s teacher’s turn and Cherry, and I are both on. 

In our relationship, it’s my job to have difficult conversations and ask tough questions. So, I ask the teacher if they ever test the kids in English and Math. She says no, it’s all done verbally in a group setting, but my daughter is shy and doesn’t speak up. 

I tell the teacher I understand, and to provide context, I tell her how well Robin is doing in reading and math…  How we personally check their homework, how Robin knows her multiplication table 1-12, so we know exactly where she stands…

Also, how we just go off a meeting with Robin’s teacher from last year that loved her. Her previous teacher loved her even more… So with this context, I was disappointed in the progress report.

The teacher shared how disrupted the year has been with the pandemic. PLUS a small number of grade 3s were added to her class, making it a split Grade 2/3 class.

I could see the look on Cherry and the teacher’s faces… they were not comfortable with me confronting the teacher. I told the teacher I appreciated where she was coming from; I now had context for the level of information that went into the report.

I’m not criticizing the teacher or the system. I just know that my disappointment is not in my daughter… but rather, this experience reinforces my understanding that if one wants to raise world changers, it will take more than school. 

No different than those who want financial security but were not born into privilege… You’re going to have to rely on yourself, not your employer, your boss, not the government. It’s up to you! 

You are the CEO of your life! The year is almost over, and in your review of your CEO role, are you happy with the CEO’s performance? If NO, you have some hard decisions to make. 

We invited all our clients: Stock hackers, and IWIN real estate clients, to a holiday dinner. It warms my and Cherry’s heart all the thanks we received for making a major financial impact on their lives.

I had one young man tell me he could now quit his day job if he wanted to.  

Another quit his day job last year and achieved 57% returns on his stock hacking alone. PLUS his real estate is in Ontario, so it went up 30% the last year.

BTW, if you’re selling in Ontario to diversity in Alberta, for example, please let me know. Our clients are buying even into this strength as we witnessed 2-30+ offers on properties in our market.

As the new year approaches, we offer FREE training courses on real estate and Stock Hacking. You just have to register here: www.Investortraining.ca/podcast or www.stockhackeracademy.ca – Take your pick. 

Make 2022 your best year ever! I know how 2021 was for my family investments wise and I’d love the same for yours no matter how you do it. 

Quick PSA: I’ve heard from a couple of friends in eCommerce selling goods on Amazon that they are struggling and considering closing shop.  When choosing side hustles, please do your research from both the successful and the not so successful.

On to this week’s show…

Opportunities for Small/Beginner R.E. Developers with Mike Collins-Williams

We have MCW, Michael Collins Williams. He is a professional planner and the CEO of the West End Builders Association. Before that, he spent 17 years at the Ontario Home Builders Association.

He is an expert in Planning and Policy, so he knows our challenges. Today, he shares several facts and figures about what is causing the housing crisis. He also shares where the challenges and opportunities are for the everyday investor.

I follow Mike on Twitter @mikejcw and recommend all do the same.

Please enjoy the show!


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