How to Increase Cash Flow with Basement Apartments with Andy Tran

Welcome ladies and gentlemen investors across the greatest country in the world. This is the Truth About Real Estate Investing show for Canadians, where it is my job to bring you experts in the world of investing to learn their expertise and experience. In our interviews, we will flush out their out their strategies and lessons so we may listen and takeaway highly tactical tips and ideas to improve our investment portfolios.

We’ve had guests in the past from the other side of the country. Don Campbell, who resides in British Columbia, Pierre Paul Turgeon, who’s from Alberta. This week our guest, Andy Tran, is on the other side of the world in Japan, visiting his wife’s family. I’ve been friends with Andy since 2009, when we met at a mutual friend’s birthday and ran into each other again at REIN. Andy was one of my first clients, as I helped him purchase investment properties in Hamilton back in 2010, but now the tables have turned as I have hired Andy to prepare my investment property for a legal basement suite conversion. As always, I believe in hiring the best to work on my business and it just so happens that Andy is a leading expert in accessory apartments in the golden horseshoe of Ontario. Andy is guiding me and my property through the city’s permit process including building code, certified drawings, working with the city’s planners and inspectors etc… stuff that I neither enjoy nor have time for.

Andy is a former home inspector and former Manager of Education for Carson Dunlop, a well-known home inspection company in Toronto that produces half of the education material for home inspectors. He’s the Author of book “Legal 2nd Suites – A Beginners Guide.” Andy is a regular guest speaker at different real estate networking events and an all-around nice guy so without further do, I present to you Andy Tran.

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