How a Single Dad Refinanced His Home for Multiple Down Payments

Hello investors! I hope you’re enjoying the summer weather!! Sadly the summers are so short, all I can think about is how little summer this is left.

To enjoy the summer sun and as usual, combining things I enjoy: excitement, entrepreneurship, real estate, great company, I’ve been organizing get togethers with like minded, successful people.  We had more events before kids and had gotten away with it but in my endeavor for self development and better networking opportunities, I restarted my “Hambundance” group. Hambundance is a word mash between Hamilton and abundance. It’s silly I know but it makes me laugh.

This week we rented power boats from the Harbour Front Center in Toronto, raced around the harbor, and trolled through Toronto Island for three hours.  It was a blast, I posted more picture and video on my  After, we had lunch at the Amersterdam Brew House on the patio for more networking where I selfishly picked certified professional coach Ryan Hindmarsh’s brain on leadership.  As 2pm approached, the rule of Toronto is to get the heck out of town or forever be trapped in its traffic jam.  My car pool group combined owns over 30 properties so you bet the conversation was productive and the car radio stayed off.

This week I’m excited to bring to you Nick Ditomaso, he’s been investing for less than three years after 20 something years of sitting on the sidelines.  Even as a single dad, he’s been super successful with just a few well selected investment properties and with the proceeds of just one property, Nick is paying off his mom’s car loan, paying for his son’s wedding, donating to charity, and still has sufficient capital for a down payment or two for more investment properties.  Nick’s claim to fame is his ability to refinance his own home for multiple down payments, he almost did it THREE times within 12 months and successfully achieved above market appraisals each time.  Listen in on his tips on how he did it, plus, his advice on books to read and clubs to join.

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Recommendations by Nick:

Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System by Don R Campbell


Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle: An Investor’s Guide


The Property Management Toolbox: A How-To Guide for Ontario Real Estate Investors and Landlords


Rock Star Real Estate Membership


Real Estate Investment Network (REIN, pronounced rain)


Annual ACRE (Accredited Canadian Real Estate) Systems.

I usually have a discount code closer to the Toronto event each year.


“Erwin’s Group” Halton Real Estate Investors Group


Tenant Location Services in Hamilton, Crystal Ross


So Reit Club


Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma


Nick On Twitter


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On iTunes:…/id1100488294

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If you would like to start out on your investing journey, be supported by a team of investor specialists and be successful like Nick, do join us at a future event.  Go to to register or if you’d like to get started immediately in building your wealth, fill out the contact form at  Event space is limited as we always have waitlists so avoid disappointment by registering as soon as possible and I look forward to seeing you there.  Thank you for listening, this is Erwin Szeto of the Truth About Real Estate Investing show and I’ll talk to you soon.

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