From $140k in Credit Card Debt to 34 Properties

For this week’s episode we have Police Constable, Jules Mckenzie, successful real estate entrepreneur in the Barrie/Orillia area of Ontario. Jules has held an interest in 50 separate real estate properties and is the operations manager in over 12 joint venture partnerships

The truth about Jules’ rise to success as an investor is that back in 2001 he took some unsophisticated real estate investing courses not specific to Canada. Jules was taught to call his creditors to extend lines of credit and apply for more credit card capacity to be used to finance down payments and renovations on run down rental properties. Unfortunately, the strategy did not work out and Jules had accumulated over $140,000 in expensive credit card and line of credit debt.

How did he climb out of this hole to become an ultra-successful investor? Have a listen to this week’s episode titled, the Jules of Real Estate Investing. Without further ado, I introduce to you, Jules Mckenzie.


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Happy real estate investing everyone!

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