Chef Anderson Is Cooking Up Side Hustles of 25k/year and 4%/month With Anderson Carter-Griffith

Greetings friends and welcome to the Truth About Real Estate Investing for Canadians and here is one of the darker truths about some real estate investors.  Some are out there to line their own pockets at the expense of others.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer so I’ll share some more altruistic means to invest in real estate after but first the bad news.

I attended a golf tournament on the weekend and ran into some old friends who own and operate a very excellent gym and I asked them how business was.   They got through the pandemic and told me about their new landlord who bought their property and then tripled all the rents of their several commercial tenants. Folks who poured their lives into building businesses including investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into equipment and renovations.

For some real estate investors, their plan to make money is to buy property, raise rents without adding any value at the expense of small business owners.  Sadly this is not affordable to many small businesses forced to move or close their doors forever.  The investors’ plan is to sign some leases at these new rents to flip the property to another investor at a higher price thanks to inflated rents.

To each their own and as I often ask my son when he vandalizes our home by drawing on the furniture or hitting his sister, I ask “who are you helping and who are you hurting?” 

In this commercial investing scenario who benefits and who loses?  The investors obviously benefit from higher property values and small businesses lose and so do all those who enjoy the services from the small businesses.

For Cherry and I personally, we will continue to invest in real estate that aligns with our values which is helping people and I firmly believe that the most effective way to improve housing affordability is by adding supply, especially for renters as they are statistically the most at risk financially.

Investing in a single family home be it a house or condo and renting it out adds to rental supply.  Duplexing a property is even better which is our preferred strategy. Next is adding a third unit via garden suite: an addition or tiny home in the backyard for another apartment.

Once rental licensing moves into Hamilton, we may even convert our student rental into a rooming house for adults who can’t afford one bedroom apartments and want a communal living style.  FYI the waitlists for affordable housing are in the tens of thousands for most mid sized cities.  This is how Cherry and I choose to invest to contribute to a solution and we’ll continue to help our clients invest for the greater good while achieving fantastic returns.

Speaking of fantastic returns and helping people we have Anderson Carter-Griffith who has a new side hustle and wants to share it with anyone willing to listen to him including his community back home in Barbados.  

Just check out our picture together in the show notes: Anderson loves Stock Hacking.

I know very little about Barbados other than it’s a beautiful country but as Anderson informs me, opportunity is scarce and minimum wage is $4-5 Canadian dollars per hour.

Chef Anderson Is Cooking Up Side Hustles of 25k/year and 4%/month With Anderson Carter-Griffith

On today’s show, Anderson shares about his humble beginnings, immigrating to Canada (no one told him how much it snows here when he was recruited), how he underemployed as a Chef thanks to the pandemic but pivoted starting new businesses, the side hustle that earns him $25,000/year after expenses to fund his investing, how Anderson explains Stock Hacking to his friends and how he spends his profits on his passions.

Oh yeah, and Anderson cash flows 4% per month on average.


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Just a friendly reminder that we are hiring more investment Realtors who want a full-time challenge to help our clients, regular everyday people, mostly from the GTA, invest in the top investment towns west of the GTA. 

This is for driven folks who want to multiply their current incomes.



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